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Her Love Sets you Free!

Her Love Sets You Free.

The love of the Great Mother will set you free. The Great Mother is not merely an icon or a religious symbol. Neither is the Goddess or the Divine Feminine. She is a divine consciousness, alive in the 'higher' realms of our souls. She is sometimes referred to as the Mother of God, or as Sophia, the eternal Wisdom, or as archetypal aspects of both men and women's consciousness. She is a divine power, inseparable from all that is known as God or the Universe or Brahman.

In the Eastern tradition the Goddess is Shakty, Ma and Kundalini (Kali Ma); the divine life force that courses through your energetic system and brings you deep feelings and understanding of empathy, compassion, love for others and all of creation and ultimately the knowing that we are all One in Spirit and Soul. She is also Prakriti, your nature!

We are living in a fast paced, pressurised and very commercial world with 'masculine' values, such as performance, perfection and success. All these norms are based on a value and belief system whereby the individual is separate from the divine and from one another and it is founded on the premise of lack. We are taught that there is not enough love for everyone; there is not enough money for everyone and indeed, thousands, starve of hunger and many suffer in the name of economical and technological growth. But you all know the story.

Then where does She and Her Love fit in to all of this? She is one of us, so to speak. She is the Higher Heart of humanity. Many of us are graced with direct experiences of Her presence. Maybe a vision when you least expect it or an incredible soaring joy when nothing in your life is actually good or a helping hand when you most need it. She speaks quietly behind the thoughts of your busy mind; She comes to you in that deep sense of knowing that it will be ok, despite what everyone else thinks.

Because of our conditioning and our culture, even our religion, we have to work hard at uncovering the Mother Within. We have to read books, join circles and groups and even do courses at times, in order to learn how to re-parent how inner child, how to change our negative patterns into positive ones and we have to learn how to allow ourselves to be healed.

Because that is the power of the Mother. In truth, you need do nothing. You only have to allow Her to reveal to you Her infinite love and presence. And that takes courage and faith. Huge dollops of it! It means that you have to open your mind and your heart and accept that maybe you do not know all the answers; that maybe you do not have to do it all by yourself and that your experiences up till now does not have to define you, nor the rest of your life. The truth is that you can be set free in the blink of an eye, in a heart beat.

Each and every human being is born, Her love intact. We are connected to Her by our spiritual umbilical cord and that can never be destroyed nor removed. Nothing that you have ever done or that anyone has ever done to you, can separate you from the Divine. The only thing that separates you from her is your conditioning and your fear that you have been abandoned 'down here' and that heaven is 'up there'. And this is where faith and courage comes in.

Trust yourself. Remember that you are made in Her Image. Remind yourself that you are not separate and that you are supported and nurtured by everything around you. and once again, trust yourself. Do not doubt your inner voice and the call of your heart. That is what a leap of faith is called. It is when you have to go against your own 'grain'; when you have to throw off the beliefs and values of your society, your culture and the popular world and when you have to go it alone.

The way to "victory" is not trying to overcome your dispiriting emotions directly but in building a deeper sense of safety and at-homeness and a more incarnate knowledge that you are deeply loved. Then, little by little, you will stop giving so much power to strangers.

Do not be discouraged. Be sure that God will truly fulfill all your needs. Keep remembering that. It will help you not to expect that fulfillment from people who you already know are incapable of giving it - Henri Nouwen

This shrine depicts what I am talking about. The door of the cage was never locked. There is a keyhole, but no key! You already possess the key. That key is Her love which is alive in you and as you and which lives through you. You are the light of the world and you are the joy of creation. You are as beautiful as the white roses underneath her feet. Peace and harmony is your true nature, your essential self.

This shrine reminds you that whenever you are aware of your suffering and restriction, you can call on Her, the Sacred Heart within and She will liberate you. The door of the madonna blue birdcage is open and the white dove of peace and joy is ready to leave. The cross of the rosary runs down into pearls and roses and another white dove - symbolizing the transformational power of love. The Holy Mother wears a crown, symbolising that she is Queen of the Kingdom of Heaven; she has silver wings making her Queen of the Angels and her halo is made of white roses : the symbol of pure and unconditional love. She is standing on a pedestal out of which grows roses and pearls and white doves. The guardian angel behind the birdcage, overseeing the process of transformation, has freshwater pearls on her wings. The silver charms hanging from the shrine are cast in pure sterling silver and includes the sacred heart, the agnus dei heart locket in two parts, the blue sacred medallion and a bronze swallow with rhinestone. The background is made of embossed silver paper and the shrine is lined with white lace.

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