Saturday, January 18, 2014


Welcome to Her Grace by Devata.

My name is Hettienne and I live in
Cape Town, South Africa.

 I write this blog primarily to showcase
my handiwork, some of which is sold
in my Etsy shop or in my online shop.
Both the blog and the shop is
'a dream come true' for me.

In blogging world I have met some amazing,
warm, funny and incredibly inspiring people.
From feeling like an outsider looking into
a world that I do not understand, I
connected with an entire community
that sees the world with similar eyes to mine!

I call my art 'Sacred Art'.
The vision of all my creations is to highlight
the sacred in the ordinary :
to see the wonderful myths that are alive
in our stories;
to encourage myself and others to tell the stories
that keep our vision alive
and to focus on the metaphor and symbol
which is hidden in our world!

I also share my love of dolls of all kind,
my handmade dolls

my love of creating shadowboxes - each
one a unique and miniature vignette of everyday

Keeper of the Keys

my love of the Divine Feminine,
especially in her embodiment as Mary

my love for making shrines, dedicated to
the inner spiritual life and all its symbolism,
much wider than religion

The Shrine of the Lost Inner Child

Archangel Michael Shrine

my love for showing the sacred in our ordinary lives

Follow your Muse

and most of all,
I love to travel to interesting and mystical places
and I love to share those stories on
Cloister of the Heart
and here on Her Grace I like to showcase
my shadowboxes which capture the essence of my travels

The Roma festival (Gypsy) of St Sara la Kali in Saintes-Maries de la Mer, France

I am very excited to participate in the Grow Your Blog event.
A great opportunity to find new blogs,
new followers
and a few give-aways.
I am looking forward to finding new
inspirational blogs!

As part of the fun, I have entered my other blog as well -
please go over and visit
where I am also offering a give-away!

I am offering one of the Shards of Beauty
from my Etsy shop as a giveaway there

I am giving away a packet of
Mary Blessing Seeds.
I make these by hand and distribute
them to those who want to offer healing
or prayers or good thoughts or
blessings or joy
to others or the earth or just put them
in their gardens!!

These beautiful handmade blessing seeds are packaged with blessed salts, sprinkled with sacred waters from Lourdes and dried rose petals which were touched to the St Teresa roses, carefully wrapped in tissue paper in a voile bag. An image of Mary with the above information will accompany your Blessing Seeds.

Bless the earth with these blessing seeds : infuse them with your prayers for healing and plant them where you pray. 

If you would like to read about these seeds and how I came to make them and about my travels to spiritual places, please go to and

Please click on the link
and visit the many other exciting blogs and
maybe you will even find a few to follow!!

Blessings, Hettienne

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Treasure Giveaway

I am participating in Grow Your Blog hosted by
2 Bags Full! 
The idea is to attract new followers AND
to find new blogs which inspire us.
An important part of blogging is visiting
other bloggers and sharing in their stories
and creativity which in turn inspires me!

 A wonderful kick-start for the year,
is what I thought!

and I will offer a give-away, well, at least two
of my hand made treasures
as my other blog Cloister of the Heart
will also be participating.

Have a look at my Etsy shop
for examples of what I create.

In previous giveaways I gifted

Maybe you would like to participate as well

Here is the link to the full instructions