Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Undying Love


Spiralling into the center, the center of the wheel
Spiralling into the center, the center of the wheel
We are the weavers, we are the woven ones
We are the dreamers, we are the dream
We are the flow, we are the ebb
We are the weavers, we are the web - words by Shekinah Mountainwater

I bought this vintage statue of Mary on Etsy and when I took her in my hand, an image and feeling arose, which I then did my best to re-create in this shrine. The image was that of the Divine Mother, weaving us through the aeons and us weaving life in return. It was a dance of giving and receiving; receiving and giving; all held together by love, whilst honouring the suffering of this world at the same time.

So I dedicated this shrine to Divine Mother, the Weaver of All.

The tenacity with which for millennia of Western history both men and women have, in the figure of the Virgin Mary, clung to the veneration of the compassionate and merciful mother attests to the human hunger for such a reassuring image. This tenacity only becomes comprehensible in the context of what we now know about the millennia-long tradition of Goddess worship in pre-history. Riane Eisler

The intent of life is loving purpose. The intent of life is to manifest Love through our choices and decisions. As we live in a world of cycles, change and death, we often become burdened by the thoughts that joy, ecstasy and love is only fleeting. But by saying 'yes' to the givens in life, to the gifts and blessings of life, we can let go of our attachment to making it last and allow the inevitable change to transform us. As we weave our daily lives with the thread of Grace, we become part of the tapestry of the Mystery : that which shines with Love beyond reason, beyond logic and beyond mind.

The compassionate Mary holds the thread for us; She weaves the Web that holds us, both shadow and light. The shadow is that nothing seemingly lasts in this realm, but the thread is eternal and the Love is for all eternity. That is Her promise to us. And our greatest challenge is to allow it to happen, despite appearances and despite the suffering. Ultimate reality is both temporal and eternal and so are the world and we. We, as humans, include both the personal and the transpersonal; the human and the Divine. Mary is that highest divine potential; she is the Beacon of Love and Grace.

In this shrine she stands on a piece of woven cloth and she holds threads, combined with gold and teardrop crystals, between her two hands - a garland of the web of life. To her left is a porcelain wing and behind her is a crown embellished with real freshwater pearls. In honouring Her as weaver, we are also honouring all those who weave and sew the stories. For them I have added a miniature set of knitting needles and some knitting, a tiny ball of wool, a sewn babe's cap; miniature skeins of tapestry wool, a dressing maker's mannequin, tape measures (one vintage made of cloth), and a tiny sewing machine. On the right is a bucket with copper wire and roses twisted around : reminiscent of the Passion of the Christ. In the bucket is a tiny tag that says 'Faith'. On the left hand side, behind the tapestry wool, is a tiny safety pin, beaded with beads in the traditional African way. The shrine is decorated with pieces of vintage doily, trim and teardrop crystal beads.

As I worked on this shrine, I was filled with memories of my grandmothers; women who passed all their wisdom and creativity on to me. As I sat with my maternal grandmother and watched her sew, she told me about her life of suffering and the courage it took to re-create a life for herself. My paternal grandmother told me her story whilst knitting booties for the next grandchild. Both their lives spanned the war and my paternal grandfather died on the battlefield. In their memory and in holding their suffering, I collaged the frame with postcards and letters and ticket stubs from the war, as well as from some of my grandmother's sewing patterns.

When we move beyond our small selves, we bridge time and eternity and we do not have to cross the bridge we are. This world and our life can be considered the temporal aspects of eternity.

Grace is Undying Love.


Monday, March 28, 2011

She Who is Abundance


She Who is Abundance; Abundantia; Goddess of Abundance, plentiful, nourishment, nurturance and fertility.

This little shrine pays homage to Her in Her aspect of Abundance. She is pictured here as the regal Queen, radiating fiery golden Knowledge and Wisdom to all. She is also pictured as the eternal mother, birthing new life and the earth mother from whose spiral of creativity, eternal life flows, through the cycles of birth, death and resurrection.

From her golden chalice we drink nourishment and faith, the Eternal Guardian and Keeper of our Soul. (symbolised by the rosary)

At her feet is a golden platter of harvest, carrying pumpkins, oranges, apples, peppers, pears and corn - all sacred to the Goddess. A small image of goddess as Earth mother hangs above the platter.

On the frame is a gilden sheaf of wheat, fruit and flowers, the symbol of the harvest.

There are shells and 'pearls', riches from the oceans. There is also a small pure silver branch with semi-precious citrine stones for leaves - riches from the earth.

The box is lined with velvet flocked paper and gold and brilliant blue satin trim - embodying the sensuous and luxurious.

extract from Fullness of the Heart - message from Mother Mary (www.shaman-shewhoknows.blogspot.com)

The fullness of the heart is your key into the other world. The fullness of the heart is the door into freedom, grace and bliss!! When the heart is full, the senses are satisfied and there is no subconscious belief in scarcity and lack of love. Love translates into the physical world as everything, i.e. objects, needs, desires, security, joy, happiness, clarity, creativity and it translates as the most basic fundamental material existence of needing an income, needing employment, a house, being able to provide for your family, being treated with love and respect and everything else that you need to exist in a happy life. Therefore love is not only a feeling or even an action, nor is love limited to personal relationships : ultimately love is yourself. Love is all that there is.

Love is the very fabric that you are made of and Love is the nature of God.

Hettienne Ma

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today I would like to share Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes words with you - she posted these on her FB page today.

She says: did you think I was only demure?
I have been portrayed as only clean and sweet,
nice and neat, but you know, dont you,
I've been to war and in knife-fights?
Did you blieve those who said
I have no scars?
Look in my face: my one eye clear
and my one eye blind:
one eye for seeing the world as it is,
and the other for seeing the world
as it can and will be...
by way of your mercy,
by way of your love.

See yourself
the way I see you
dear Soul.
Then, ¡Arriba!
upward and onward:

Some have said
she looks like a blob;
they have taunted,
'What is the supposed to be?!"
A log only good for the fire!
A piece of junk.

And I'd say
those who have eyes to see
see Our Lady,
battered by hail
torn at by rain,
chipped, splintered,
nonetheless she
holds her shape...
for The Mother
is unerasable;
even were one
to grind her wood
to pulp,
the sawdust of her
would still nourish
the ground
and maketh small
roofs for ladybugs,
and nest linings
for the winged.
Even were one
to burn her down,
her ashes would be taken
by some mad artist
who would draw her
a hundred times
on the walls of caves
so the not-yet-born
would one day see her,
know her, love her.

Nothing can extinguish her,
not conquests, not vandals,
not disrespect, not ignoring
her existence.

She goes on.
She continues.
Like the ocean continues.
Like the sky continues.

She continues...
in us. As long
as we remember,
she continues.
Even when
we forget,
she continues.

We too.
Same and same.
Same and same.
Even when we remember
who we belong to,
even if we forget
even if we ignore
to whom we belong...
we still belong tight
we still belong close
we still belong cheek to cheek
to the Great Woman,
and She to us.

She cannot be erased
She cannot
be brought down
nor made small

We also, the same.
The same, the same.
We who are
Tribe of the Sacred Heart,
many of us Scar Clan...
and with love enough
to hold onto her hem--
no matter which shape
she takes,
no matter what
condition we are in.
We hold to her
and she to us.
We cannot
be brought down,
we cannot be diminished,
for our shape is hers
as hers is ours: eternal.
Siempre. Always.

Our Holy Mother
gave birth
to the God of Love,
outdoors, under
imperfect conditions.
We do not merely
celebrate this Act,
but we replicate this:
We give birth
to the God of Love
every day
in our own
human ways,
in every out of the way,
unsheltered place
under all imperfect

Let us go forth.

- Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spiritual Warrior


My warrior can sit back,

smoke his pipe at the end of a long day.

He has saved the damsel,

he has answered her cries.

Pierced the heart of the dragon,

setting the flames free.

No longer does she need to be sacrificed.

No longer does she need to pay the price.

Pure in white.

Rose in her heart,

flowers in her hair.

Heart radiant with love

Light flowing through her eyes.

Beholding all as love manifold

Love for the One

has no borders,

no boundary,

unconditionally flowing forth

from the eternal spring

buried deep

in earth red

liquid hot

in the Mother’s flaming heart.

The Sacred Life

Emotional rivers that run deep

Raging streams of unconscious desires,

wants, and needs

Gently I step into the waters.

Intent on fishing out the keys

Glinting with the promise of magic

Richly gilded with the patina of praying, beseeching hands

The water mirrors back a reflection of myself

My face darkened by hours of labour and toil

Staring back at me is a Mad Woman

Shunned, abandoned, rejected

Hidden in the dark recesses of the brilliant mind

Torn apart, cut down into small fragmented bits

Victim of the Warrior Knight

Sword held aloft

The swirling waters suck on my toe

Seductively pulling my foot in,

Caressing my calves, knees

And then all of me

Violently, yet gently, I descend into the darkness

Crossing the abyss between

Breath and non-breath

Being and non-being

In the pure reflection of the void

I am untouchable, unspeakable

I am destructive warrior-knight

I am goddess AM I

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Let the Light of your Heart guide you

Let the Light of your Heart guide you always!

Be True to yourself and follow your heart.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kids Play

Is she not the cutest little thing? Another one from my vintage doll collection that I acquired a few days ago.

The need to create is a weird and wonderful thing. It has not rhyme or reason to exist. It does not care what you create, as long as you create that which makes your heart sing! A true channel of divine love, not so? Completely unconditional, and whatever is the end result, it is beautiful and an ode to Grace!

The tiny little ABC blocks I bought years ago for a piece that I was going to create. I knew that I would find the rest of that piece and I never threw those blocks out. When I picked up this little beauty I knew that she was the rest of that piece. I made the tiny Mother Goose vintage story book and each page has a different image on.

Looking at her brings such joy to my heart - I cannot explain it. She is innocence, joy and being in the moment - like a true child, that we all are.

Thank you for reading my posts and sharing in my journey. There are such beautiful and wonderous blogs and creations out there - it is an absolute fest! Creating these blogs and my Etsy shop is an incredible journey of learning and becoming techonologically savvy. Thank you to all those who so generously hand out free backgrounds, blog themes, buttons, widgets and more. And thank you to each one of you that encourages me in my endeavours! Joy to all!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cheeky Burlesque Dancer

Cheeky Burlesque Dancer

Cheeky Burlesque Dancer


And here is the second in the Burlesque Theatre series. This tiny French can-can dancer was still in her original packaging and still has the French label sewn into her clothes. She is in perfect condition!

This miniature theatre is listed on my Etsy shop at http://www.etsy.com/listing/70089058/cheeky-burlesque-dancer

Altered Shadow Box - Art Deco Style. Small theatre showcasing cabaret and burlesque dancers. The doll is an original Vintage Parisian doll in excellent condition. Her original label is still sewn into the clothes. She has a very high feather in her headdress and seems to come straight from the Lido! Her legs are movable and the pose can be changed. Rich damask background on stage with gold, rose-encrusted curtains. The frame is bedazzled with rhinestones and sealed with a few layers of varnish. The doll is behind glass.

This is the second item in the Burlesque range that I am creating for the charity event as mentioned on my Facebook event page http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=157545357637668 and for sale in my Etsy shop online.

Burlesque Gypsy Dancer

Burlesque Boudoir

Burlesque Gypsy Dancer

This little number is a real vintage, real French can-can doll! Now, here on this stage, she is a burlesque dancer with gypsey blood in her veins. She dances to the sound of the gypsey guitar on an opulent stage, with a feather curtain - all speaking of the promise of sensuality and decadent indulgence.

I recently bought part of a collection of vintage dolls - some are still in their original packaging and still have their labels on! This dancer's dress and stockings are too beautiful. The lace stockings are perfectly in tact and has miniature blue roses on the garters. The tiny little panties are also lined with rows and rows of frilly lace. Her arms and legs are posable and when she pulls her arms up, the dress lifts to reveal all the frou-frou underneath! I added some rhinestone to the dress and a sparkly heart shaped buckle to the velvet bow on the hat. Please look at the oh-so-very-French velvet band around her neck - the original one.

The dancer is set in this theatre shadow box, lined with paper called 'gypsy'. Lots of rhinestone, altered vintage brooches, fabric roses in the background - all it needs is the smell of heady perfume and an audience!!

My friend Lindie is arranging a Burlesque evening and the proceeds of the sale of this shadowbox theatre will go towards the charity of the evening. Full details are on the Facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=157545357637668

You are invited to this fun-filled evening of Burlesque dancing by Lady Magnolia (of Feminine Divine Oriental Dance Studio www.femininedivine.net), guest artist Andriette (Idols runner-up), a delectable meal and beautiful, whimsical art for sale by Devata (www.etsy.com/shop/devata). All proceeds go to Konsolidariteit Helpende Hand, a charity organisation that assists women and children.

This fund raiser is being organised to help one family buy a small house. They have lost everything and are currently living in a broken down caravan.

Still 100 tickets available at R200 per person.
Make it a ladies night and buy a table for yourself and nine friends!

Contact Lindie Buitendag on 0827887227
or send her an email on lgbuitendag@mweb.co.za or send an email to hettiennema@gmail.com

This item, amongst others, is for sale in my Etsy shop : www.etsy.com/shop/devata

Burlesque Boudoir

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mary Magdalene High Priestess of Passion

Mary Magdalene High Priestess of Passion

This is the image that flowed through me when I asked to paint the image of the Devi Dasi, or the Sacred Priestess of Passion. In some ancient traditions she is known as Mary Magdalene, the prostitute or the Beloved of Jesus Christ. She represents the One that knows that all is sacred, including the passion and desire of the human being. She is the One that understands the power of treating the body as the temple of the Soul. She is the One that knows that there is no separation between earthly desire and heavenly desire and that all desire is for sacred union or the becoming of One.

I wrote these poems in her energy. May they speak to you.

Dedication to my Beloved

I breathe

You fill my nostrils

I sigh

You fill my lungs

May I receive your Love

Blessed am I

I move unexpectedly

to catch a forbidden glimpse of your face

May I sit at your feet

Blessed am I

When I fell, you picked me up

When I lost a child you held me

When I found my Call

You answered for me

May I hear your voice

Blessed am I

I dedicate to You

my Heart

I give to You

the keys of my Soul

May I receive your Light

Blessed am I

I commit to you every step I take

Every realization I gain

I offer to you

My warrior poet

Every word that tumbles from his lips

May I receive your Radiance

Blessed am I

I offer to you

My sacred dancer

Her grace and flexibility

Her swaying hips

May I receive your Grace

Blessed am I

I offer to you

My art

The stroke of my paintbrush

You hold my hand

I become the canvas

You the paint

May I receive your Presence

Blessed am I

I offer to you

My sensual Lovers

The heat of our intense desire

The smoke as it moves to the heavens

The ecstasy of coming together

May I receive your Touch

Blessed am I

My heart belongs to You

As does my Soul

Every step is dedicated to follow

Through the freezing light

of the Underworld

into the forbidden garden of delight

facing demon and dragon

listening for the call

Oh my Beloved

Find me

Bring me back into the fold

Lead me into the perfumed garden

Into the temple of my soul.

Goddess – She who Is

Silently, gently

She treads on my heart

Moving quietly

Up my womb

Teasingly she awakens me

Hears my secret desire

Pleasure is mine, she says

Use it to worship me

Bring to me your deepest mystery

And it will release you into the temple of love

Passion fills your tender spaces

Love wing around your heart

Her strong and powerful wings

Wakes you up from your slumber

Eros arise

He who is divine

Filled with the knowing

Of the union within

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Her Love Sets you Free!

Her Love Sets You Free.

The love of the Great Mother will set you free. The Great Mother is not merely an icon or a religious symbol. Neither is the Goddess or the Divine Feminine. She is a divine consciousness, alive in the 'higher' realms of our souls. She is sometimes referred to as the Mother of God, or as Sophia, the eternal Wisdom, or as archetypal aspects of both men and women's consciousness. She is a divine power, inseparable from all that is known as God or the Universe or Brahman.

In the Eastern tradition the Goddess is Shakty, Ma and Kundalini (Kali Ma); the divine life force that courses through your energetic system and brings you deep feelings and understanding of empathy, compassion, love for others and all of creation and ultimately the knowing that we are all One in Spirit and Soul. She is also Prakriti, your nature!

We are living in a fast paced, pressurised and very commercial world with 'masculine' values, such as performance, perfection and success. All these norms are based on a value and belief system whereby the individual is separate from the divine and from one another and it is founded on the premise of lack. We are taught that there is not enough love for everyone; there is not enough money for everyone and indeed, thousands, starve of hunger and many suffer in the name of economical and technological growth. But you all know the story.

Then where does She and Her Love fit in to all of this? She is one of us, so to speak. She is the Higher Heart of humanity. Many of us are graced with direct experiences of Her presence. Maybe a vision when you least expect it or an incredible soaring joy when nothing in your life is actually good or a helping hand when you most need it. She speaks quietly behind the thoughts of your busy mind; She comes to you in that deep sense of knowing that it will be ok, despite what everyone else thinks.

Because of our conditioning and our culture, even our religion, we have to work hard at uncovering the Mother Within. We have to read books, join circles and groups and even do courses at times, in order to learn how to re-parent how inner child, how to change our negative patterns into positive ones and we have to learn how to allow ourselves to be healed.

Because that is the power of the Mother. In truth, you need do nothing. You only have to allow Her to reveal to you Her infinite love and presence. And that takes courage and faith. Huge dollops of it! It means that you have to open your mind and your heart and accept that maybe you do not know all the answers; that maybe you do not have to do it all by yourself and that your experiences up till now does not have to define you, nor the rest of your life. The truth is that you can be set free in the blink of an eye, in a heart beat.

Each and every human being is born, Her love intact. We are connected to Her by our spiritual umbilical cord and that can never be destroyed nor removed. Nothing that you have ever done or that anyone has ever done to you, can separate you from the Divine. The only thing that separates you from her is your conditioning and your fear that you have been abandoned 'down here' and that heaven is 'up there'. And this is where faith and courage comes in.

Trust yourself. Remember that you are made in Her Image. Remind yourself that you are not separate and that you are supported and nurtured by everything around you. and once again, trust yourself. Do not doubt your inner voice and the call of your heart. That is what a leap of faith is called. It is when you have to go against your own 'grain'; when you have to throw off the beliefs and values of your society, your culture and the popular world and when you have to go it alone.

The way to "victory" is not trying to overcome your dispiriting emotions directly but in building a deeper sense of safety and at-homeness and a more incarnate knowledge that you are deeply loved. Then, little by little, you will stop giving so much power to strangers.

Do not be discouraged. Be sure that God will truly fulfill all your needs. Keep remembering that. It will help you not to expect that fulfillment from people who you already know are incapable of giving it - Henri Nouwen

This shrine depicts what I am talking about. The door of the cage was never locked. There is a keyhole, but no key! You already possess the key. That key is Her love which is alive in you and as you and which lives through you. You are the light of the world and you are the joy of creation. You are as beautiful as the white roses underneath her feet. Peace and harmony is your true nature, your essential self.

This shrine reminds you that whenever you are aware of your suffering and restriction, you can call on Her, the Sacred Heart within and She will liberate you. The door of the madonna blue birdcage is open and the white dove of peace and joy is ready to leave. The cross of the rosary runs down into pearls and roses and another white dove - symbolizing the transformational power of love. The Holy Mother wears a crown, symbolising that she is Queen of the Kingdom of Heaven; she has silver wings making her Queen of the Angels and her halo is made of white roses : the symbol of pure and unconditional love. She is standing on a pedestal out of which grows roses and pearls and white doves. The guardian angel behind the birdcage, overseeing the process of transformation, has freshwater pearls on her wings. The silver charms hanging from the shrine are cast in pure sterling silver and includes the sacred heart, the agnus dei heart locket in two parts, the blue sacred medallion and a bronze swallow with rhinestone. The background is made of embossed silver paper and the shrine is lined with white lace.

This item, as well as others on this blog, are available in my shop selling items of devotional beauty. www.etsy.com/shop/devata. Her Grace on Etsy.com.
For more on the Divine Mother, please go to my blogs :