Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spiritual Warrior


My warrior can sit back,

smoke his pipe at the end of a long day.

He has saved the damsel,

he has answered her cries.

Pierced the heart of the dragon,

setting the flames free.

No longer does she need to be sacrificed.

No longer does she need to pay the price.

Pure in white.

Rose in her heart,

flowers in her hair.

Heart radiant with love

Light flowing through her eyes.

Beholding all as love manifold

Love for the One

has no borders,

no boundary,

unconditionally flowing forth

from the eternal spring

buried deep

in earth red

liquid hot

in the Mother’s flaming heart.

The Sacred Life

Emotional rivers that run deep

Raging streams of unconscious desires,

wants, and needs

Gently I step into the waters.

Intent on fishing out the keys

Glinting with the promise of magic

Richly gilded with the patina of praying, beseeching hands

The water mirrors back a reflection of myself

My face darkened by hours of labour and toil

Staring back at me is a Mad Woman

Shunned, abandoned, rejected

Hidden in the dark recesses of the brilliant mind

Torn apart, cut down into small fragmented bits

Victim of the Warrior Knight

Sword held aloft

The swirling waters suck on my toe

Seductively pulling my foot in,

Caressing my calves, knees

And then all of me

Violently, yet gently, I descend into the darkness

Crossing the abyss between

Breath and non-breath

Being and non-being

In the pure reflection of the void

I am untouchable, unspeakable

I am destructive warrior-knight

I am goddess AM I


  1. I love your painting. There is so much spirit in Her - you almost feel like She will walk right out of the canvas!! I love the cross with the blue stone too!! What a powerful painting!!

  2. Thank you! Did you see the beautiful miniature silver madonna around her neck?

  3. No I did not look close enough - but I see it now!!


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