Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kids Play

Is she not the cutest little thing? Another one from my vintage doll collection that I acquired a few days ago.

The need to create is a weird and wonderful thing. It has not rhyme or reason to exist. It does not care what you create, as long as you create that which makes your heart sing! A true channel of divine love, not so? Completely unconditional, and whatever is the end result, it is beautiful and an ode to Grace!

The tiny little ABC blocks I bought years ago for a piece that I was going to create. I knew that I would find the rest of that piece and I never threw those blocks out. When I picked up this little beauty I knew that she was the rest of that piece. I made the tiny Mother Goose vintage story book and each page has a different image on.

Looking at her brings such joy to my heart - I cannot explain it. She is innocence, joy and being in the moment - like a true child, that we all are.

Thank you for reading my posts and sharing in my journey. There are such beautiful and wonderous blogs and creations out there - it is an absolute fest! Creating these blogs and my Etsy shop is an incredible journey of learning and becoming techonologically savvy. Thank you to all those who so generously hand out free backgrounds, blog themes, buttons, widgets and more. And thank you to each one of you that encourages me in my endeavours! Joy to all!


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  1. This is adorable and I do the same - see things that inspire, save them, and then one day it all comes together in a creation. Thank you so much for your sweet words on my blog. Mary came to me in a very powerful dream a little over a year ago and has been with me ever since. That is why you feel Her so strongly on my blog pages and in my work. She is my devotion.


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