Sunday, September 4, 2016

Vintage black rosary assemblage necklace The Black Madonna

The French Madonna

I am dark, daughters of Jerusalem and I am beautiful!

Black Virgin
Mother of us All
teach me to see the beauty in the Mystery.

The French Madonna

Help me to relinquish my need to figure out the Holy One
with the feeble tool of my intellect
and instead encompass divine truth
with my open heart

I am tired of fighting for control.
I am ready to lay down my sword
at your gentle feet, Blessed Mother.

Give me the courage to enter the secret cave
where you hold the Redeemer nestled in your loving arms.

Your face radiates from the gaze of the angels that surround you.

Let me find my own true face reflected there.

The French Madonna

Then I will be able to sing with the Bride

The French Madonna

Do not see me as only dark:  the sun has started in me.

-  Mirabai Starr