Thursday, May 12, 2011

Travelling Novena

A beautiful portable altar and prayer case for daily devotion. Devoted to the Divine Mother, both Within and Without. 

An old wooden cigar case was used and it closes solidly and everything fits in snugly.

The altar is ideal for one or two persons : it has the image of Mother Mary in absolutely beautiful colours. (Image of Mary by Itkupilli on 

On the left hand side She represents the Voice of Love Within in loving warm pink and passionate purple; the feminine nurturing colours of receptivity and birthing. And on the right hand side of the altar She represents Divine Wisdom in cool blue, the masculine colours of action and intellect.

The altar comes with a small free-standing glow in the dark statue. It also includes two rosaries, one for the morning (feminine)devotion and one for the evening (masculine) devotion, or if you have a travelling partner, one for each of you.

 Also included is a rosary case with the image of Her Grace. The one rosary is packed in this case, as well as a glow in the dark finger rosary. The pink rosary is packaged in a purple voile bag and safely stored in the prayer box. The cross on the left hand side is also glow in the dark - so you only need the light of a votive candle and you have everything that you need with you.!

Faith is carried on the wings of Love


This little dove is from the cover of a childhood story book of mine. The book is one of those 3D pop up books with bits n pieces that can move! absolute magic, when I was five years old. I have kept this book all these years and today I took it out to use in an art project. As I paged through the pages, many feelings and experiences came back to me. Now, today, with the insight of years of spiritual study and practice, I see life very differently and many of those childhood experiences and the impact that they had on me have become more vivid. And many of them have found their 'place' in my psyche after years of struggle with emotional torment.

The one thing that I noticed for the first time is that on each and every page of the book is a picture of the white dove! I cannot recall having noticed it particularly. As I sat with the book and allowed myself to be absorbed into those magical pages again, I allowed myself to fall into a deep state of contemplation, letting go of my adult mind and senses.

I slowly paged through the book and allowed the memories to speak to me. And the little white bird became my guide; it shone with a luminosity and I saw how it formed a thread between the pages. I felt my child's mind and heart resonate with the feelings of Hansel and Gretel (the fairy tale of the book). Their sadness at the plight of their family; their deep feelings of fear at being lost and abandoned in the woods; their horror when they realise that it is a witch that has outwitted them; Hansel's desperation at being locked up and his sister's empathy. And in each of these situations and feelings I found myself. All those feelings were my own. I walked in the darkness with them and throughout it all, the little white bird shone with a message. What is the message? Where is this little white bird taking me? What is it telling me?

I paged to the most horrible and thrilling at the same time, page of the book : where Gretel shoves the witch into the fire! And there the little white bird is sitting on the corner of the oven!
And then it dawned on me : the little white bird (the white dove in fact) is the symbol of Hope and Faith! Even without knowing the symbology, the five year old me knew the meaning of that little white bird.

And nothing has changed. Look around you. Wherever you are, whatever you are going through : the little white bird is with you. It may look different to my white dove, but Hope and Faith's messengers are always with you. That small still voice inside your heart, is also in your outer world. Maybe the messenger comes in the form of a friend with a supportive word; or in a line in a book that really jumps out at you; or a new blossom on the fruit tree or a new song on the radio. There is no separation between your inner and outer worlds. The Divine Power that loves you unconditionally, leaves bread crumbs for you to guide you back home. Home is that place within yourself, where you feel safe and nurtured. Home within exists at all times, but sometimes our minds have become so overwrought with fear and worry and our hearts have closed down and we forget how to nurture and take care of ourselves.

You have to feather that nest within. Do what it takes. Set time aside for meditation, contemplation, sacred art, devotional activities, reading sacred literature or spending time in nature. Find the tools that will help you - inform yourself about emotions and feelings and the workings of the mind. Make lifestyle changes, eat better, sleep more, drink more water.

And change the way you talk to yourself. Turn your inner talk into positive and optimistic self-talk. Become your own biggest fan! I used to ask my student 'which team do you play for? your own or the opposition?'

And in the same way remind yourself that whatever you feel or fear, you will find manifest in your outer world. Whatever is big and scary in your outer world, is bringing you the message that you need to change your belief systems and habits. It is not there to harm you or persecute you, but it is there to help you to overcome yourself! Yes, the enemy lives within. All of life is a divine mirror, the goddess Maya. She is dancing this incredible Leela (game) for us in order for us to get to know ourselves and to find who we are and who we are not. Only through self-knowledge will you come to Know the Divine Self.

Faith means that you have to hold on to Hope and Joy without knowing where you are going or what is happening! Faith means that you believe without reserve in a Power greater than Yourself; a loving power which never abandons you and which only has your highest interest at heart.

Faith is that little white bird.

Kamers Vol Geskenke - Rooms full of Gifts

One of the most important resources for a creatif (a creative artistic being) is a supportive community and network.  From when I joined and opened my cyberspace shop and when I started blogging my stories, I was carried on a wave of love and support by members of the global artistic community.  I do not think I would have had the confidence to put my stories 'out there' without the warm support of The Wood Wife and others who welcomed me into this wonderful collective.

Today I visited the team members of Kamers Vol Geskenke to present my stories with the hope of being accepted for their annual event.  And what a wonderful and warm reception we all received.  And what an incredible job they are doing of 'connecting, sharing and believing' in their own words.  Kamers Vol Geskenke provide a showcase and market for the creative community of South Africa.  They offer input, support and ideas for those who want to bring their vision and creations to the wider public.  Their offices are in a beautiful old house with wooden floors and high ceilings, artworks and the smell of coffee all spilling out into the garden lined with trees and bougainvilleas in bloom.  This is the eighth year of Kamers Vol Geskenke and the second that they are taking it nationwide.

Visit their website for their amazing story.  I quote :

Amelia van Zyl: "The inspirational stories behind the people and their products give Kamers ‘soul’. Ordinary folk making extraordinary things … that’s the magic of Kamers, and what makes it unique, and different from other craft markets. Over the past eight years, Kamers has developed from a motley handful of mums and hippie crafters purveying their goods out of cake tins, to become an institution. Since Kamers inception, the focus has always been on the process, rather than the product. In the words of John o’Donnell; ‘To live life as the river flows, carried by the surprise of its unfolding...’ Despite its phenomenal success, it is this enduring sense of innocent wonder and delight that still lies at the heart of Kamers vol geskenke."

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dreams Come True


I am dreaming of travelling far and wide.  Stitch by stitch, thread by thread, I sew together my heart-felt dream.  I know that I have the key to all my adventures, and I am waiting, ready to embark on this  journey.

I am ready and prepared;  all my worldly treasures packed up; picnic lunch ready and my precious Snuggles.  No-one is left behind, not even my darling parakeet.

I am dreaming of Paris in springtime, with love in bloom.  

She is a vintage doll that I bought because of the beautiful detail of her clothing.  Her hair was almost non-existent and bald on top!  Now she is a grande lady, a seamstress, I guess.  After she looked into the mirror and saw the transformation that I gave her, she realised she can be whoever she wants to be and she can do whatever she sets her mind to!  She is starting off with a trip on a train to France, Paris in particular.  Her favourite perfume is Anna Suis!  She has already whispered to me that she intends buying herself a beautiful motor car and travelling on the roads in style!!

Bon voyage!

Kindness is not only tender

Kindness is Not Only Tender

Somewhere as children,
we learned
to be activists for the world soul.
We learned full practice of kindness,
is muscular, not always soft...
the way an orcharder
cannot be wishywashy
about axing the split limb
so the tree will thrive
instead of going dead.

We learned by watching:
a meek hold on the axe,
or a halfhearted swing
in the arc
will not be kind
to the living tree,
only hurt it worse.

Yet we also saw
the same orcharder,
use a soft green leaf
to scoop up
a little blue robin egg
that somehow tumbled
from nest to ground
without breaking...

We learned by watching
the orcharder totter-climb
two branches upward
to place
the soon to be pipping
back in the nest.

Kindness is iron.
Kindness is cloud.

and with love,
from dr.e

"Kindness is Not Only Tender" by Dr. C.P. Est├ęs, ©2006, all rights reserved, from La mystica, Book of Prayer manuscript