Thursday, May 12, 2011

Kamers Vol Geskenke - Rooms full of Gifts

One of the most important resources for a creatif (a creative artistic being) is a supportive community and network.  From when I joined and opened my cyberspace shop and when I started blogging my stories, I was carried on a wave of love and support by members of the global artistic community.  I do not think I would have had the confidence to put my stories 'out there' without the warm support of The Wood Wife and others who welcomed me into this wonderful collective.

Today I visited the team members of Kamers Vol Geskenke to present my stories with the hope of being accepted for their annual event.  And what a wonderful and warm reception we all received.  And what an incredible job they are doing of 'connecting, sharing and believing' in their own words.  Kamers Vol Geskenke provide a showcase and market for the creative community of South Africa.  They offer input, support and ideas for those who want to bring their vision and creations to the wider public.  Their offices are in a beautiful old house with wooden floors and high ceilings, artworks and the smell of coffee all spilling out into the garden lined with trees and bougainvilleas in bloom.  This is the eighth year of Kamers Vol Geskenke and the second that they are taking it nationwide.

Visit their website for their amazing story.  I quote :

Amelia van Zyl: "The inspirational stories behind the people and their products give Kamers ‘soul’. Ordinary folk making extraordinary things … that’s the magic of Kamers, and what makes it unique, and different from other craft markets. Over the past eight years, Kamers has developed from a motley handful of mums and hippie crafters purveying their goods out of cake tins, to become an institution. Since Kamers inception, the focus has always been on the process, rather than the product. In the words of John o’Donnell; ‘To live life as the river flows, carried by the surprise of its unfolding...’ Despite its phenomenal success, it is this enduring sense of innocent wonder and delight that still lies at the heart of Kamers vol geskenke."

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