Monday, October 20, 2014

The Admirable Heart of Mary, Queen of Heaven

Heart of Mary, Mirror of heart of God

Sanctuary of the Divinity

Guardian of the Divine Word

Source of all Consolation
Furnace of Divine Love
Marvel of Charity
Center of meekness

Abyss of humility
Dwelling place of Wisdom
Throne of Mercy
Zealous for souls
Thrones of all virtue

Treasure of innumerable blessings
Heaven of Heavens
Holy of holies
Book of life

Inspired by the Litany in honour of the
Most Holy Heart of Mary

an old polish tin turned into
a sanctuary 
a sacred place within the arms of Mary.

with love, 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Michael, Defender of the Virgin

Prayer to Michael

Saint Michael the Archangel, Powerful Spirit of Truth

Take my hand and lead me to Divine Truth.

Protect me from all the evil in the world.

Guard me and compensate for all my weaknesses.

Change, bless, and restore the consquences of all my mistakes.

Carry me on the wings of your love and might to the

Throne of God and pray to Him with me forever.


I Am Michael. The -el stands for Elohim or son of God. Prince of Light, the Great Protector, the almighty Michael who commands the Legions of Light.

Michael (who is as God) in Biblical and post-Biblical lore, Michael ranks as the greatest of all angels, whether in Jewish, Christian or Islamic writings, secular or religious. He is chief of the order of virtues, chief of archangels, prince of the presence, angel of repentance, righteousness, mercy and sanctification. 

He is depicted most often with unsheathed sword, the warrior of God and slayer of the Dragon. In Legends of the Madonna, Michael is shown as the angel who announces to Mary her approaching death.

An aged and distressed shrine, with glints of Michael's golden crown and sword, against a background of the Madonna; a miniature book of Love with the image of the blessed Virgin on the cover; an aged image of Michael in a frame. Attached by rusted wire are unique medals, enameled images and parts of Michael's armour : his mighty sword, his helmet and his shield.

The back of the shrine is adorned with vintage sheet music and it comes ready to hang.

I visited the grotto and the Archangel Michael festival in the 800 year old Mont Sant'Angelo in Italy. Michael appeared here, in a cave, more than once to the local villagers many years ago and he is revered by his devotees during an annual pilgrimage to Mont Sant'Angelo. Read about my personal pilgrimage to Michael on my blog at

Included with this shrine is a tiny bottle patina'ed and decorated with Michael's crown, containing some of the holy water collected in the grotto, as well some of the particles of dirt collected in the grotto during the three day festival and procession.

Wooden Shrine - Dimensions : 13.5 x 16.5 x 3.5 cm

The Rose of Peace

If Michael, leader of God's host

When Heaven and Hell are met,

Looked down on you from Heaven's door-post

He would his deeds forget.

Brooding no more upon God's wars

In his divine homestead,

He would go weave out of the stars

A chaplet for your head.

And all folk seeing him bow down,

And white stars tell your praise,

Would come at last to God's great town,

Led on by gentle ways;

And God would bid His warfare cease,

Saying all things were well;

And softly make a rosy peace,

A peace of Heaven with Hell.

WB Yeats



Friday, July 18, 2014

Nectar of the Heart

Nectar of the Heart

Last night as I was sleeping,

I dreamt — marvelous error! –

that I had a beehive

here inside my heart.

And the golden bees

were making white combs

and sweet honey

from my old failures.”
~ From “Last Night As I Was Sleeping,” by Antonio Machado

The bee has since ancient times been a symbol
of the goddess, the divine feminine, the Great Mother,
a symbol of Wisdom, and even the church.

In ancient times, the bees were regarded as sacred
and they were seen as travellers between the natural
world and the underworld.

Through a process of alchemy, bees
create honey, in ancient times,
regarded as the nectar of the gods.

The term milk and honey were used to describe
abundance and eden-like qualities to our lives.

The bees’ survival depends upon a queen and their unquestioning obedience 
and loyalty to her, which reminds 
us of our dependence on Our Lady, Queen of the Heart 

The beehive is a symbol for the heart :
the sacred inner temple where transformation
takes place and from which forgiveness and
compassion flows.

Monday, May 19, 2014

The House of Mary

The House of Mary

a very special rosary necklace
with hand soldered shrine

a small miraculous medal
a key set with a crown and rhinestones
a big key
a hand cast sacred heart
and a hand holding the knocker
of the door
to the House of Mary

Vintage rosary beads
antique beads
rhinestone flower connector

and a very small Our Lady rosary connector

Immaculada Conceptio
I am the Immaculate Conception

all patina'd and distressed
for that wonderful shabby vintage look


Friday, February 21, 2014

A Giveaway at Cloister of the Heart

Cloister of the Heart

Mondays with Mary

I am continuing with a tradition
started by the wonderful Rebecca
of hosting Mondays with Mary

and to spice things up I will be offering
a giveaway EVERY MONDAY!

All you have to do is play along and
post something 'Mary'.

For more details you can read here

and here is a sneak at the giveaway
for this Monday

le sanctuaire - the sanctuary

handmade by myself including the tiny statue.

See you there on Monday!


Monday, February 17, 2014

a little French nun

I bought this sweet nun doll at  a French village
market - I cannot remember which one anymore.
I just love dolls and have a huge collection.
I was over the moon to find this little nun doll.

I imagined her going through her day and
thought of all her duties - so much to be done when
you have to do it all yourself.
No easy supermarket with store bought pastry
or eggs on a shelf!

So I created this little kitchen for her.

As you can see she is making a pie

I bought this miniature kitchen sink unit
with tiny food, eggs, wine and gravy boat
from Fran at
Fransminiature12 on EBay.
She has the most beautiful  tiny objects.

The little kitchen, with its sink and food board
becomes a sacred altar as her daily actions
are devoted to the Spirit of Mary, the Birther of Life,
the Mother of our Earth, She who is our daily food.


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Giveaway Announcement

Mother Mary Blessing Seeds Give-away

The lucky winner is


Congratulations Kelli!
Please send me your postal address to
and they will soon be on their way to you!!


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Nearly time for the Give-away winner to be announced!!

I am giving these hand crafted blessing seeds
away to one lucky participant in the Grow Your Blog event.

Anyone can enter though -
all you have to do is leave a comment and I will
enter your name in the random name generator!!

If you would like to read my blog post for the
GYB party, here it is

If  you would like to read more about the blessing
seeds, go here

This is feedback from Dawn O'Hara
that bought these blessing seeds
from my Etsy shop :

Beautiful. We cannot wait to use this Special and Sacred Treasure to Bless Our Home, with Mother Mary!!! When we opened the package, it was Obviously Treasures inside. Thank You! XOXO

Good luck and blessings