Monday, February 17, 2014

a little French nun

I bought this sweet nun doll at  a French village
market - I cannot remember which one anymore.
I just love dolls and have a huge collection.
I was over the moon to find this little nun doll.

I imagined her going through her day and
thought of all her duties - so much to be done when
you have to do it all yourself.
No easy supermarket with store bought pastry
or eggs on a shelf!

So I created this little kitchen for her.

As you can see she is making a pie

I bought this miniature kitchen sink unit
with tiny food, eggs, wine and gravy boat
from Fran at
Fransminiature12 on EBay.
She has the most beautiful  tiny objects.

The little kitchen, with its sink and food board
becomes a sacred altar as her daily actions
are devoted to the Spirit of Mary, the Birther of Life,
the Mother of our Earth, She who is our daily food.



  1. What a sweet creation. Your have given her the perfect setting.

    1. Thank you Anne!! our art and creations all love to be seen and appreciated!

  2. you are just so good at finding treasures and making them into
    a sacred story...this is so wonderful! it's true too...the kitchen table
    is an altar. xox

  3. What Beautiful Photos! (And obviously the concept is inspiring.)
    Also I can confirm the statement: "I just love dolls and have a huge collection."

  4. Hi Hettienne. What a beautiful nun and how wonderful the little kitchen is. I'm sure she loves it. You are very creative. Nice work. Have a wonderful weekend.:)

  5. I can't stand how exquisite your nun is with her outstanding kitchen is! By that I mean I wished I had your eye for setting up everyday things and embellishing them into a sacred setting! I now have to visit Fran's site because I have a Victorian dollhouse that my husband and youngest son put together for me about 20 years ago. Thank you for taking on hosting Mondays with Mary.


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