Sacred Altars An Ancient Tradition

An Ancient Sacred Tradition

I follow an ancient sacred tradition that used to belong to the Great Mother
and her devotees.  This tradition was incorporated into religion by the nuns
and convents. I call it Sacred Altars and it is my offering on the Altar of Life.

Thirteen years ago I changed my focus from being a spiritual healer to becoming a pilgrim 
to sacred places on the Earth and especially to where the Divine has
stepped through the veil to reach us and where Mary
had appeared to others. 

I bring waters from the holy springs and rivers;
I bring back oil and salts sanctified by the Presence of the energies
at these sacred places.
I bring back my own direct experiences and my own
transformation and make sacred altars which I share with others
on my shop Sacred Altars on

The wearable shrines and altars are hand made shadowboxes to be worn as an altar. Each piece is unique and individual and an original creation carrying some part of the sacred site and the divine Presence. These items carry great spiritual and healing power and many healings and even miracles have been attributed to them.
Through these altered assemblages and altars,
I set out to demonstrate my vision that every loving and joyful act of living 
is a sacred altar to the Divine. We are forged and fired in the crucible of the heart
and art gives life and meaning to our stories.

As a visionary artist, I attempt to show how the sensible, material realms and the imaginal realms work together to show forth the glory of the Divine hidden in the ordinariness of every day living. 
I create from the eye of the heart, rather than the eye of the mind and hope to illuminate and show the underlying image and Divine Presence in the vignette of our personal stories. 
The child within myself is still fascinated with miniatures and their reflection of the vastness and eternity of life and living. As an artist I regard myself as an artisan and 
midwife of the Divine becoming, moving between two worlds and hoping to reveal that the inner life is a sacred life and the outer ordinary life is filled with messages and confirmations of the Great Story of Divine Love within each and every human being. I focus on images and stories of The Western Christian traditions and Mysteries.

'Art to me is a Grace, a healing and transformation. It brings transformation to the artist and to all those who behold the expression through the artwork'. 

I am  currently working on a mammoth project to be published soon : The Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck, an emerging mythos of the Lover and Beloved as embodied in the many stories of Mary, Blessed Woman and Sacred Heart of the World and Earth
You can follow the story of the unfolding of The Sacred Mysteries of Mary on my website

blessings on your journey
Hettienne Grobler

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