Saturday, August 25, 2012

pssssttt....... a give-away for the Fairies Tea!

This OOAK hand made beauty can be yours ......

I took a fairy size canvas and turned it into a shadow box. 

In May last year I did the Mary Magdalene pilgrimage in the South of France,
ending at the site of the healing waters of Lourdes.

I danced with the gypsies in Saintes Maries de la Mer,

walked into the ocean with the statue of Sarah la Kali,

and stayed in the original convent next door to the Basilica de Madeleine

Here, virtually on the doorsteps of the basilica, was the most wonderful
vintage and junk market.
I bought a vintage French school book and you see here that one of the pages
of that little book, was used to cover the small canvas.

I created a mold from a tin sacred heart ex-voto and moulded
a clay sacred heart.
Then painted it.

I added french trim and upholstery nails
to the outside of the canvas,
symbolizing the strength and courage
of the Sacred Heart within us all
and our innate divine ability to
live through and witness the
sweet and the bitter of life.

I thought of Mary's spirit, hidden everywhere. Her heart a red cup of fierceness tucked among ordinary things ......Here, everywhere, but hidden .....

A beautiful shrine.

Whatever it is that keeps widening your heart, that's Mary too; not only the power inside you, but the love. - Sue Monk Kidd, The Secret life of Bees

Comes beautifully packed in tissue paper and voile bag with a lavender herb bag and holy medal.

Dimensions : 12 x 7 x 3 cm

Part of the Sacred in the Ordinary series of shrines.
All my shrines come with a catalogue number, name and label.

Shrine Series : Sacred in the Ordinary
Number : 101
Name : Sacred Heart

If you would like to receive this shrine in the mail, here is what to do :

- Leave a comment in the comment box, either on the Fairies Tea Party page
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- You are now eligible to win this shrine, 
the winner will be announced on the day of the Fairies Tea,
23 September 2012

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- Follow the link on the Fairies Tea badge and go to the Fairies Tea at
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Be sure to return as I have more give-aways for the Fairies Tea.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Freebies and Give-Aways at Fairies Tea!

If you have not heard yet, Inspiration Avenue is hosting a Fairies Tea. 
and everyone is invited!

In the days before the party, we are offering beautiful
free fairy images - like the beauty above.

And every week wonderful give-aways are added
by those who are attending the Fairies Tea.

and find out all about the freebies, giveaways and how to take part
in this fun event.

I am gathering fairy cups, tiny little leaves and all other
magical ingredients to hose a fairies tea here at
Her Grace by Devata.
So put on your best tiara and prettiest shawl
and come and visit often.

And I can promise you a wonderful give-away,
a destash filled with vintage papers,
antique tarot cards,
vintage prayer cards,
handmade ex-voto
and other fairy delights.

In my travels, visiting the other fairy tea party spots,
I came across some very interesting bits n pieces
that I thought you may enjoy.

If you are a fan of the Flower Fairies

then this is the place for you :

Here you can learn all about all these fairies, their meanings,
their poems, their stories,
you can order the books
and play games with them online!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


When faeries whisper, you can tell
In marsh or woods or glen or dell
In hush of night, the sound begins
Like tinkling bells upon soft winds
When faeries gather for a feast
Before the sunrise in the east
Beneath tall oaks — great, ancient friends
Above, the moon, its spotlight lends
When faeries dance . . . oh, what a sight
Around a bonfire, pure delight
Near sparkling stream that sings and flows
The laughter, after, never goes
When faeries eat, the food is grand
Why, it’s the best food in the land
Everyone just helps themselves
Faeries, brownies, sprites and elves
When faeries feast and play and sing
Such joy to living things they bring
The scraps that they leave on the ground
Feeds animals for miles around
Though they may live in imagination
Though there may be no faerie nation
The wonders of sweet faerie thoughts
Trace my heart like sweet forget-me-nots
” Forget-me-not Faeries “ . 08-08-09 . t.r. cardinet

Have you heard??????

You are invited to a FAIRIES TEA!!!!

Click on the invitation below and be
transported to the faery realm

and be sure to come and visit me soon
for some prizes and tasty giveaways

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Blog Party Blog Party!! yay!!

Inspiration Avenue Team is unwrapping many exciting changes and mystery

In order to keep everyone inspired, a number of new art challenge events
will be announced.

But, best of all .............

a blog party will be announced this week!

with an exciting theme, and an invitation to link up and join in the fun
with giveaways, freebies and lots of art

and join in the fun.