Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bewitching business!!

I bought this sweet little wicked witchy from Dissy B's Bazaar on

Behind her is the alchemist's table complete with magic mushroom, a fairy's dress, red apples (poisonous? who know), some tarot cards, a tiny bottle of magic dust and lots of bubbling jars and bottles.  On the shelf is also the tiny white bird of peace, a butterfly and a swallow - so her work is blessed, regardless of how it appears to us!   Behind her are vintage cut-outs of a black crow and another girl witch with her black cat.  Such fun!! I love the tiny orange snail in the foreground.  


The castanets are beating, the flamenco guitars are strumming!  Sensual beauty, hearts soaring in joy and passion.  Who is she?  The senorina in the dark cloak and the heavy eyes?

Aagh! such beauty and grace.  The Mystery has manifested in front of my eyes.  Dark passionate eyes filled with the promise of love.  Is she my future?  The Queen of Love?

Une momente intenso el Flamenco! Encanta vivir mucho tiempo 

Celebrate yourself!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You are the Sacred Heart

Heart of Courage

Often one assumes that another's journey is easy and simple; often one assumes that others 'get' it, quicker than you, that they have less challenges. But the truth is that the challenge lies within. The Holy Trickster lives within your heart, alongside the Guardians and the Mother. The Trickster is that internalised voice which has become a part of your skin, a synthesis with the throbbing of your heart and as close as your breath. The journey is an on-going one; never-ending. The Trickster will be unveiled along with Goddess Maya. Through their revelations, you Realise that it is all You and only You. You are the Sacred Heart.

My Sacred Heart

My heart sinks,

On fire,

Setting into the ocean

Flaming arrows of light

Reveals seething rage

A knife thrusting into

A quivering mass of self-hatred.

Why are you doing this?

Why do you feel?

Everything could be so perfect

Just do not feel!

I breathe in the Sun

The sweet saltiness of the sea

Receive its soothing warmth

To paint a path of golden light

Amber liquid

Searing my throat

Flowing down into my hurting self

Sewn together with love’s intent

Accept the agony of the piercing needle

Winding in and out

Attaching the bridal gown

With the silken thread

New choices

Sanctity to be restored

Free the sacred heart

Undo the silken cord

My heart belongs to All

Oh my shivering heart

Fear not to trust

The call of your Soul

Follow wherever it may lead

From darkness into the Light

He beckons

He calls

He shows the Way

Sweet surrender into the moment

Drawing ever near

Closer than the eternal heartbeat

Closer than the shiver

Under your skin

my heart

silent like a mirror

reflects the voice of its master

my heart

the silent mirror

my heart


in the love and devotion

of its own reflection

Phantom of my Heart

Forty days and forty nights,

she roams the desert plains.

Cloaked in tatters,

wearing her garment of grief,

lost in the wilderness of her mind.

Calling out, listening for a reply,

an echo to the walls of her heart.

Following the drumbeat

set by her feet.

Enslaved by its rhythm

always onward, forward.

Until she can no more!

She surrenders, gives in to exhaustion

willpower failing her

salt tears pooling mud

her love roots into the clay

Her bleeding heart blooms red

showers of petals set alight,

thorns sprouting a trailing vine,

paradise is found.