Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Peace of Lourdes

The Peace of Lourdes

This gorgeous piece is a sacred altar to the Peace of Lourdes.

The most powerful experience at the Grotto of Massabielle
at Lourdes in France is one of absolute peace.

Peace beyond words and understanding.

I personally witnessed and became immersed in the peace
and this peace never leaves.  Even when the emotions
and the mind lose focus, the peace sits underneath,
eternally watching and loving, waiting for the storm to
pass and for the mind to become aware of Its Presence again.

When one is at Lourdes and especially during the processions,
you are struck by the absolute acceptance of those who come there
looking for healing, miracles and peace.
And this acceptance is not a passive giving-up but an active
choice of surrender to a Greater Power and
an active act of forgiveness of the self, of the world,
and of God.

The peace of accepting that one is held in the embrace
of loving powerful hands even when nothing makes sense.

The peace of accepting that Love has a plan that will bring you
peace because your own plans has not been able to do.

And the greatest acceptance that our belief systems are only
that : belief systems.  And often and mostly, we have to be
willing to change our minds and to let go of our way thinking
and believing and our need to feel secure and allow
Life to show us a different and better way of being with ourselves
and with life.

The peace of knowing that the Divine is not defined and created
by concepts and words and dogma, but our relationship
with the Divine is crafted from our pain and joy;  from our
personal experiences and our direct knowledge and insights
and that it is a highly personal, individual and unique relationship
which does not depend on the interpretation of it by others.

The peace of knowing that you can never be lost.  That the Hand
of Love has you tightly in her grip.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Rosa Mystica

Madonna di Firenze
a piece in the style of the Florentines

A wearable sacred altar dedicated to Rosa Mystica, the Mystical Rose of the World.  The Rosa Mystica is a powerful manifestation of the transformational power of Grace and Love.  The three swords which penetrate the heart with sorrow, betrayal and loss is transformed into three roses.  These are archetypal images found both in Catholic mysticism and the esoteric teachings.  We see the The Three of Swords in the Tarot and the three roses is well-known as the Fleur-de-Lis or the three strands of Light of the Sacred Heart, symbolising the eternal weaving of Love, Truth and Beauty.

This shrine is handcrafted and all parts are soldered on.  Inside is a beautiful image of an Italian Madonna and on the back an original holy card of the Christ child.  The three roses of the secret heart are pink, blue and gold and they represent the masculine, the feminine and the child.  The Christ child is born from the Hieros Gamos of opposites within the human heart.  As Light and Dark meet and merge, the eternal Light is revealed into this world.

Under the shrine hangs a vintage Rosa Mystica medal.  Gorgeous faceted crystal beads in a stunning champagne colour is combined with pure crystal and a piece of vintage chain that reflects the Renaissance colours of the entire piece.  

As part of my spiritual practise I travel at least once a year to places sacred to the Divine Feminine and especially where she is known and worshiped as Mary.  I bring items back with which i create pieces of art to be used and enjoyed as items to remind us of the Divine power of healing, Grace and peace available to us and within reach.  The beauty of Her images and sacred symbols soften our hearts and open our minds and Divine Inspiration reminds us that She is as close as our own breath.  All it takes is hope and faith and Grace will flow.