Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bewitching business!!

I bought this sweet little wicked witchy from Dissy B's Bazaar on

Behind her is the alchemist's table complete with magic mushroom, a fairy's dress, red apples (poisonous? who know), some tarot cards, a tiny bottle of magic dust and lots of bubbling jars and bottles.  On the shelf is also the tiny white bird of peace, a butterfly and a swallow - so her work is blessed, regardless of how it appears to us!   Behind her are vintage cut-outs of a black crow and another girl witch with her black cat.  Such fun!! I love the tiny orange snail in the foreground.  


  1. This is so cute!!! Dissy B is one of my good Etsy friends!! She always has some neat stuff in her shop too!!

  2. Hey I recognize that witchy woman! And I FINALLY get to see how something I sent is being used! GREAT! I LOVE IT! xo


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