Thursday, May 12, 2011

Travelling Novena

A beautiful portable altar and prayer case for daily devotion. Devoted to the Divine Mother, both Within and Without. 

An old wooden cigar case was used and it closes solidly and everything fits in snugly.

The altar is ideal for one or two persons : it has the image of Mother Mary in absolutely beautiful colours. (Image of Mary by Itkupilli on 

On the left hand side She represents the Voice of Love Within in loving warm pink and passionate purple; the feminine nurturing colours of receptivity and birthing. And on the right hand side of the altar She represents Divine Wisdom in cool blue, the masculine colours of action and intellect.

The altar comes with a small free-standing glow in the dark statue. It also includes two rosaries, one for the morning (feminine)devotion and one for the evening (masculine) devotion, or if you have a travelling partner, one for each of you.

 Also included is a rosary case with the image of Her Grace. The one rosary is packed in this case, as well as a glow in the dark finger rosary. The pink rosary is packaged in a purple voile bag and safely stored in the prayer box. The cross on the left hand side is also glow in the dark - so you only need the light of a votive candle and you have everything that you need with you.!

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  1. I love this and favorited it on your shop but to have more pictures and your descriptions makes it even better!!!


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