Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mary Magdalene High Priestess of Passion

Mary Magdalene High Priestess of Passion

This is the image that flowed through me when I asked to paint the image of the Devi Dasi, or the Sacred Priestess of Passion. In some ancient traditions she is known as Mary Magdalene, the prostitute or the Beloved of Jesus Christ. She represents the One that knows that all is sacred, including the passion and desire of the human being. She is the One that understands the power of treating the body as the temple of the Soul. She is the One that knows that there is no separation between earthly desire and heavenly desire and that all desire is for sacred union or the becoming of One.

I wrote these poems in her energy. May they speak to you.

Dedication to my Beloved

I breathe

You fill my nostrils

I sigh

You fill my lungs

May I receive your Love

Blessed am I

I move unexpectedly

to catch a forbidden glimpse of your face

May I sit at your feet

Blessed am I

When I fell, you picked me up

When I lost a child you held me

When I found my Call

You answered for me

May I hear your voice

Blessed am I

I dedicate to You

my Heart

I give to You

the keys of my Soul

May I receive your Light

Blessed am I

I commit to you every step I take

Every realization I gain

I offer to you

My warrior poet

Every word that tumbles from his lips

May I receive your Radiance

Blessed am I

I offer to you

My sacred dancer

Her grace and flexibility

Her swaying hips

May I receive your Grace

Blessed am I

I offer to you

My art

The stroke of my paintbrush

You hold my hand

I become the canvas

You the paint

May I receive your Presence

Blessed am I

I offer to you

My sensual Lovers

The heat of our intense desire

The smoke as it moves to the heavens

The ecstasy of coming together

May I receive your Touch

Blessed am I

My heart belongs to You

As does my Soul

Every step is dedicated to follow

Through the freezing light

of the Underworld

into the forbidden garden of delight

facing demon and dragon

listening for the call

Oh my Beloved

Find me

Bring me back into the fold

Lead me into the perfumed garden

Into the temple of my soul.

Goddess – She who Is

Silently, gently

She treads on my heart

Moving quietly

Up my womb

Teasingly she awakens me

Hears my secret desire

Pleasure is mine, she says

Use it to worship me

Bring to me your deepest mystery

And it will release you into the temple of love

Passion fills your tender spaces

Love wing around your heart

Her strong and powerful wings

Wakes you up from your slumber

Eros arise

He who is divine

Filled with the knowing

Of the union within


  1. This is so touchingly beautiful. I love your painting. It is also so wonderful to see someone else who believes (knows) that earthly desire is the same as heavenly desire. That falling in love with someone and falling in love with the divine is the same feeling of sacredness. You are an inspiration.

  2. Your words touch me so deeply in my heart - thank you thank you. blessings to you

  3. wow. this hits VERY close to home for me ;)


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