Monday, February 28, 2011

Divine Mother

Divine Mother

This was my first painting of the divine mother. In fact, this was my first 'real' painting. Up till then I had only lived out my creativity through dressmaking, interior decorating, the writing of poetry and as a child, making my own paper dolls. I still cannot explain where the impulse came from to pick up a paintbrush! But I felt inspired to buy some canvases and paints and brushes.

And one night I was woken up with the incredible need to paint. I set my easel up in the dining room and started painting ...... and this is the face that emerged. Tears streamed down my face as I painted and that is how it has been ever since.

At first I felt shy about sharing my paintings and my incredibly intense experiences whilst painting, but this is now 6 years later, so now I am much braver! These paintings take an incredible amount of energy although it takes me only a few hours to paint them. For those few hours I am somewhere else, transported into a realm of absolute light and the energy does the painting.

I recently completed a painting of Shekinah, and I am still to apply the goldleafing to the majestic wings. It took me a week to recover after She appeared on the canvas and I have been careful about picking up any paint brushes since.

For each painting, poems would follow. They would specifically apply to the devata in the painting and later on messages started to follow and then as I trained in siddha yoga, diksha and awakening blessings would accompany the paintings.


Your presence fills me

Your child I am

You move through my heart

Painting it with love’s design

Compassion flows forth

from your hands

Your touch opens me

I am your Voice

I carry you in my hips

I carry you in my gait

My womb holds your Secret Mystery

My breasts aflame with light

Radiant through my sacred heart

Feeding your children

Wherever we are

Oh Divine Mother

You move through me

You move me

You transform through me

You transform me

Eternal is my gratitude

Blessed are You

You are my wealth

You are my beauty

You are my gift

You I give to the world.

Daughter of the Goddess

Eternal Mother of mine

I belong to you

as you move in me,

I move in you.

Divine Mother, mother of mine

You hold me in your arms

Loved for evermore

You fill me with my eternal self

Carried in your embrace

A flower for your hair,

Today I paint your feet

The Light of your Grace

Shines in me,

A treasured truth

In my heart’s embrace

A Jewel am I

In the crown on your head

Forgotten are the dark dreams

Of childhoods past

Now I am yours

Now I belong

For ever more

Divine mother, mother of mine

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  1. This is beautiful. the painting is beautiful and the words so lovely and healing. thank you for sharing your self this way.
    walk in beauty,


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