Thursday, February 24, 2011


Set your dreams free!

I made this little beauty for her, the Dream Within!

She stands on a bed of lace and gold roses in a tiny pink and gold box. She is round and naked, and wears a pair of glasses and looks nothing like a typical ballet dancer, but she has a dream! S And she is determined to reach the golden key on that glass door and to stretch those golden wings.

This little kewpie's dream is to become a graceful ballerina. Her pink box proudly carries the crown of the Swan Queen and her dressing room wall displays the ballet menu and star casting.On the handle of the door hangs her satin ballet shoes, waiting and ready to be put on!

I did ballet for most of my young life and passed all the international exams with Highly Commended, but it was never good enough for my ballet mistress. She said I will never be a 'dancer'. This memory was deeply embedded and forgotten in myself, until I took up NIA a few years ago and found my heart and soul flying through the studio, with absolute glee and bliss! As joy was restored to me, I found one of the keys of the many doors to my dreams and could set myself free to become more creative and free from many rules and regulations, especially in my artistic endeavours.

Deep inside each of us lies a buried dream or dreams. Maybe because of someone else's opinion, or even your own belief systems, do you believe that there are things that you are no good at or that you will never be able to do. But your heart has the key to open that cage and you do have the golden wings to fly towards that dream.

This miniature piece of art is being packaged in white tissue paper in a gold box for another young girl with many dreams - may she uncover her courage and inner strength to follow her own dreams!

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