Monday, March 28, 2011

She Who is Abundance


She Who is Abundance; Abundantia; Goddess of Abundance, plentiful, nourishment, nurturance and fertility.

This little shrine pays homage to Her in Her aspect of Abundance. She is pictured here as the regal Queen, radiating fiery golden Knowledge and Wisdom to all. She is also pictured as the eternal mother, birthing new life and the earth mother from whose spiral of creativity, eternal life flows, through the cycles of birth, death and resurrection.

From her golden chalice we drink nourishment and faith, the Eternal Guardian and Keeper of our Soul. (symbolised by the rosary)

At her feet is a golden platter of harvest, carrying pumpkins, oranges, apples, peppers, pears and corn - all sacred to the Goddess. A small image of goddess as Earth mother hangs above the platter.

On the frame is a gilden sheaf of wheat, fruit and flowers, the symbol of the harvest.

There are shells and 'pearls', riches from the oceans. There is also a small pure silver branch with semi-precious citrine stones for leaves - riches from the earth.

The box is lined with velvet flocked paper and gold and brilliant blue satin trim - embodying the sensuous and luxurious.

extract from Fullness of the Heart - message from Mother Mary (

The fullness of the heart is your key into the other world. The fullness of the heart is the door into freedom, grace and bliss!! When the heart is full, the senses are satisfied and there is no subconscious belief in scarcity and lack of love. Love translates into the physical world as everything, i.e. objects, needs, desires, security, joy, happiness, clarity, creativity and it translates as the most basic fundamental material existence of needing an income, needing employment, a house, being able to provide for your family, being treated with love and respect and everything else that you need to exist in a happy life. Therefore love is not only a feeling or even an action, nor is love limited to personal relationships : ultimately love is yourself. Love is all that there is.

Love is the very fabric that you are made of and Love is the nature of God.

Hettienne Ma


  1. This beautiful Hettienne. I love it and I love the spiral goddess at the bottom - I have her on a necklace!! This is my favorite so far - I think - I love all of your creations. This one is so full of love and beauty. The colors are perfect.

  2. everything you do, Hettienne, everything you write, everything you create comes from the fullness of your heart and we are blessed to receive.


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