Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another sacred shrine added to Her Grace on Etsy.com

The Mother of Good Counsel

inspired by and extracts from Untie the Strong Woman
by Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Healing is not for the pure who need no healing.
It is for those in need.
And healing is not a straight line, but rather, a zig zag.

A powerful prayer here,
a person who listens with holy love there,
a book over here,
a sudden inspirational thought over there,
a sudden realisation,
a ritual that has meaning to the spirit and the soul,
and all these held together in tenderness with oneself
and one's idea of the Holy.
extract from Untie the Strong Woman

 ,,,,,,,,,,, And so I create small shrines,
and offer this sacred space
 of healing and wholeness;
a mirror that speaks louder than the
clamouring voices of external authority
of  'those that declare that they know
better, or the truth or the right way'

a mirror that reminds me and you
of the words of the Memorare to Our Lady

Never was it known, that anyone who fled to thy protection,
implored thy help,
or sought they intercession,
was left unaided.

This sacred shrine contains many powerful symbols
of Our Blessed Mother and Her divine courage and
strength which carries us through our lives.

Faith is the seed that activates Her action in this world.

I included a small Lourdes statue which I brought
back from my visit to the sacred waters of Lourdes,
(http://www.path-of-divine-love.com/2012/02/day-five-of-art-novena-for-our-lady-of.html) and a medal which I bought
at the little shop at the Chapel of the Miraculous Medal
in Paris)

Here is an extract from my blog Path of Divine Love where I
shared my amazing experience at the Chapel. It is these
experiences that inspire me to create these shrines, 
really a reminder of how real the Blessed Mother's Love for us, and in us, is.  A golden potential for us to reach out
to and receive.

Soon the images seen by my eyes disappear and only a brilliant golden light is visible. The light has a silver rim to it and it is alive and palpable with wisdom and knowledge which cannot be translated into words. This is the Presence of Divine Mary. The light translates into my physical body and energetically there is deep movement in and through my body. Then my heart fills with a feeling that seems physical. Everything and everyone around me is bathed in this beautiful light and they all glow in love. The Light becomes stronger and more powerful and I see the intense Light at the centre of it all and also at the centre of each and every person. And the quality of this Light is Good and only Good - pure and beautiful and innocent! And it does not matter what happens on the exterior : nothing can corrupt or diminish that Light which is our un-ruined Soul.


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  1. I get mesmerized when I come here. I would so love to purchase either of these shrines, but my wallet is not thick enough. Bless you and your art.


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