Monday, May 6, 2013

Mornings with Mary and Sacred Shrines

Mother of God
similar to fire,
ignite my heart in prayer

Where once I stood on familiar ground,
selecting my spiritual experiences
like choice morsels from a well-tended larder,
now my garden has gone up in flames
and I thirst only for the Living God

Let me swallow the Sacred
and burn with that Presence,
illuminating a way home to the Truth.

Lit from within,
let my blazing heart become a sanctuary
for the weary traveller,
until this long night lifts
and dawn unfolds her new radiance
                                                                                   -    Mirabai Starr

And so we start the week with
Mornings with Mary

May you find inspiration in the burnt garden and the regeneration
offered by the Sacred Heart of Blessed Mary

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Mornings with Mary



  1. Hettienne,
    I am so in awe with your talent! And you are very astute in picking out authors who convey the fire you have in your soul. Bless you, dear one!
    BTW, I cherish my Mary shrine. It is such a comfort to me when I gaze upon her.

  2. Thank you Norma! we are connected across the oceans!! love to you


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