Tuesday, July 21, 2015

St Therese d'Lisieux wearable shrine and altar and vial of sacred salts

'For me, prayer is a surge of the heart; 
it is a simple look turned toward heaven,
it is a cry of recognition and of love,
embracing both trail and joy. - St Theresa of Lisieux

I have always, well, let me re-phrase that,
since I came to know about the saints,
felt a deep connection with St Theresa of Lisieux.

“God would never inspire me with desires which cannot be realized; so in spite of my littleness, I can hope to be a saint.” 

This is a hand soldered hanging shrine.  I placed a holy card
between the two sheets of glass. 

Trust and trust alone should lead us to love” 

“i can nourish myself on nothing but truth” 

Images of the Divine carry enormous energy and Presence. There are various ways of explaining it, but the ancients believed that the Spirit of that aspect of the Divine lives in Its image and form. Those of us who can see light around living beings, can see the light around sacred objects. In holy places of pilgrimage one can often smell the fragrance of the Divine.

Each one of my pendants, shrines, paintings and other sacred art are first infused with holy water from Lourdes (which I brought back), and then infused with holy relic oil of more than 53 Saints & pure essential oils. A mixture of one hundred oils are used, including frankincense, myrrh, spikenard, agarwood and rose. It is also immersed in blessed pink dead sea salts, infused with rose petals steeped in holy oil of a third relic of St Therese of Lisieux and it is packaged with blessed salts, frankincense and sprinkled with holy water collected form many sacred places in the world. So it becomes sort of holy object to be handled with reverence and care.
This shrine comes with a bottle of the rose petals that I
gathered from the rose garden at St Therese's chapel
in Lisieux, France.  I steeped the petals
in the third relic oil of St Therese and then dried them.
I mixed it with pink salts which I carried with me
on my pilgrimage to Lisieux and the relics
of St Therese,

“When I die, I will send down a shower of roses from the heavens,I will spend my heaven by doing good on earth.” 

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