Friday, May 27, 2016

Queen of my Heart

Queen of Heaven

Mary stands at the heart of the Christian mystical experience,
as did Demeter in Greece and Isis in Egypt
and the Shekinah in the Jewish mystical tradition.

She is the mystery sought or stumbled upon by those who
have opened their hearts to the transforming
power of her love

Some of the greatest of the Christian mystics, have
all penetrated to this secret heart of the Christian vision.
And they have experienced Mary as the mystical core
of their being in the image of their own soul
awakening to the revelation it carries.

Angelus Silesius wrote : I must become Mary and give birth to God.

Meister Eckhart spoke often of he greatest Christian mystery -
the birthing of Christ within the soul.

In these glorified beings woman and man are shown
as the mystery they are and as the enlightened beings
they could become.



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