Tuesday, June 21, 2016

French Altar Chandelier Earrings - I Am Thy Handmaiden

I Am Thy Handmaiden
at The French Madonna

In her humanity, in her human suffering as the mother of Jesus,

Mary brings the divine world closer to human experience,
closer to human longing and human suffering.

Only Demeter in the Greek world is as human as Mary.

As all the Great Mothers did before her, Mary embodies 
the principle of relationship.

As the Divine Mother, she speaks to the values of the heart

 the values that spring from the deepest instincts and
feelings in all of humanity.  So Mary is the most intimate
and human of Mothers, as the offerings to her
in thousands of shrines bear witness.

If we look at the Christian myth in a deeper sense, then we
see that as the Divine Mother, Mary endures the suffering
of all of humanity, we her 'child' until we return home
to her in the divine spheres.

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  1. She truly is a blessing for us all. What beautiful earrings as is their meaning. Hi Hettienne. I hope you are doing well. I don't get around that much on blogs like I did before, still I do stop by from time to time. Take care and be well.


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