Friday, July 29, 2016

Vintage Retro Nativity Rosary

Mother of God
rejoice with me.
In the midst of the petty trials
and the profound sorrows of this life,
let me catch a glimpse of your face
and dissolve into laughter

Let me remember that what matters
is not the laundry I have to fold
but the gurgling of the baby speaking his own new language
not the bank account that will not balance,
but the miracle of the dragonfly landing on my wet shoulder
as I climb out of the river on a summer day

Like the tender hand of a child
who spontaneously reaches to comfort his worried mother,
let me lightly carry the suffering of the world

a wonderfully retro kitsch rosary made from
found vintage nativity scene pieces and 
celluloid roses, rosary, crucifixes and holy medals


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