Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jai Durga Maa

Durga Maa Mala/Rosary

This handmade rosary is the latest edition to
Her Grace by Devata on www.etsy.com.

Durga Maa is a Hindu deity known for her courage and strength.
She rides a tiger or a lion and she assists one on the inner levels
in slaying the demons of the mind.

She is the fierce aspect of Shakty, the Divine Feminine.

Durga Maa Mala/Rosary

I made this mala in the same pattern as the Rosary of the Holy Mother.
She is one and the same, by whatever name you call Her.

I used freshwater pearls in four different shades of white, pale pink, bronze and cream, interspaced
with swarovski crystals and
 beautiful bronze rose beads and a glass heart foil in the centre.

Durga Maa Mala/Rosary

The pendant I bought from one of the traders outside the temple at
Haridwar, India and it is stamped with the OHM on the back.

Durga Maa Mala/Rosary

The rosary is ideal for wearing around the neck as a necklace
as well as using as prayer beads.

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Om jai mataji
Om jai mata
Om jai durga ma
jai jai


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