Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Night before the Tea of the Fey

Fey : Having or displaying an otherworldly, magical, or fairylike aspect or quality

I am

Hemlock Elfshimmer

And this is my friend
Pink Ears, the fey bunny

And this is my very bestest friend

Nettle Willowdancer

She casts weird dreams.
She lives in brambles and blackberry bushes.
She can only be seen when the bees swarm 
and the crickets chirrup.
She wears blue and green like berries 
and leaves and has delicate lilac coloured wings like a cicada.

and this is where we live in the magical woods

feyness n.
Word History: The history of the words fey and fay illustrates a rather fey coincidence. Our word fay, "fairy, elf," the descendant of Middle English faie, "a person or place possessed of magical properties," and first recorded around 1390, goes back to Old French fae, "fairy," the same word that has given us fairy. Fae in turn comes from Vulgar Latin Fta, "the goddess of fate," from Latin ftum, "fate." If fay goes back to fate, so does fey in a manner of speaking, for its Old English ancestor fge meant "fated to die." The sense we are more familiar with, "magical or fairylike in quality," seems to have arisen partly because of the resemblance in sound between fay and fey.

Today is a very exciting day ............

We are putting together a marvellous tea party for tomorrow!!  Pink Ears can hardly wait
for the guests to arrive!!

We are taking out the best china!  Of course,
our cups are ever so tiny,
but with a drop of magic - who knows
what may happen?

We have invited ever such exciting and mysterious guests ........

She is waiting on the Prince ....

who is travelling all the way from the romantic city of Paris 

then the Fey Queen of England herself promised to come ......

She will arrive in a golden coach
and have her very own special cup

Then there are still my very good friend Red Riding Hood, the mermaids
and their friends and my little witchy friend with her magic spells and potions .......

you have another few hours left before the clock strikes 12

at midnight
the fairy lights will go on
and I will be expecting you

so grab the badge

Inspiration Avenue

and visit Inspiration Avenue Fairies Tea Blog Party

have tea with everyone

join in the fun to win many wonderful give-aways

and hurry back here for the magical gathering

and .....

if you click 'FOLLOW'
then you stand a chance of winning this 
magical hand made charm bracelet

Creatrix -  Boho Charm Bracelet

Creatrix -  Boho Charm Bracelet

A quirky boho charm bracelet for the Creatrix : she who loves shopping, all things feminine, mysterious and unspoken! She who creates with Love!

Images from the Moon Tarot card, Queen of Spades playing card, Queen of Hearts playing card and retro pin ups. You be charmed by a pair of retro shades, a hundred dollar bill, a vintage face cream jar, a hair dryer, a hand of cards, a cup of coffee, a spiral, a anna suis mirror and a vintage perfume bottle - interspersed with ribbon and keys. A very bling heart and ring fastener and the words 'create' and 'love'. Comes beautifully packaged in a pouch.

Creatrix -  Boho Charm Bracelet

See you tomorrow!!


  1. Oh, how gorgeous! Count me in on the drawing!

    I love all of your fey friends. Se you at the tea party!

  2. How Beautiful! Yes I would love to be in the drawing too! See you soon~

  3. I love the bracelet! Your party looks like it will be so much fun! I'm glad the other mermaids are coming. I'll see you there!

  4. What a magical tale you weave!! I love the story and your whimsical pictures!
    Loved my visit and you know I am already a fan and follower. I am throwing fairy dust over my shoulder for a chance to win your bracelet! I will be back tomorrow for tea!!



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