Monday, September 9, 2013

Wearable shrine and altar - our Lady of Lourdes, mystical healer

I cannot think of anything more profound and powerful.
and yes, beautiful,
than wearing an altar on my heart!

I am so excited about these pendants.

I could write an entire book about the weeks and literally
months it took me to source the right material - as these are
not freely available in Cape Town.  

I went through three different soldering irons until I imported
one - thank heavens for the internet, EBay and Etsy!!

This tiny shadow box is recreation of the feel of the grotto
at Lourdes.  I used a holy card that I brought back from
Lourdes and I embellished it with tiny silk roses, seed pearls
and tiny crystal.  I placed it between two cathedral shaped
pieces of glass and then created a tiny box.  I applied the
solder on the sides reminiscent of the water dripping on the walls
of the grotto - so I spent quite a bit of timing getting the solder
to run down like water.

Above the box dangles a tiny crown - the one thing
that stands out most about Lourdes is the presence of
Mary's crown

Here are some images that I got on the internet
that makes clear what I am talking about

Underneath the shrine hangs an image of Our Lady of Lourdes
cast in sterling silver with resin and a beautiful
sterling silver piece with tiny swarovski crystals.

The beaded chain of the rosary is hand strung and
contains swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls and indian silver.

What a blessing to wear her image and fragrance on your body.

She is the Mystical Rose of our hearts that has such potential
and power for infinite love and compassion for each other
and this world and all her creatures.



  1. She absolutely shines. What a beautiful little shrine/pendant. You've done excellent work and one can see you've poured your love into it. Thank you.

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  3. I received our Lady of Lourdes, mystical healer stunning wearable shrine today. The moment Hettienne shipped it, I saw a white light with a white flame in its centre.
    Throughout the shrine's travel I would keep having visions of it. I can firmly attest that this is more than a necklace, but carries divine consciousness which is transferred powerfully through the artist's love and devotion.

    The package arrived fully intact, filled with frankincense and myrrh and tiny shells and pebbles, the precious necklace safely wrapped.

    Thank you!
    Arathi Ma

  4. I am so happy that you are now the guardian of this shrine Arathi


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