Saturday, October 31, 2015

Hieros Gamos - sacred marriage of the opposites

Hieros Gamos 

I will never forget my first sighting of the Tor - it took my breath away. The entire Tor had a very vivid but yet gentle pink aura. Great big balls of energy was clearly visible around Glastonbury and the energy radiated from the Tower. For the first few nights in Glastonbury I could not sleep at all and wheverever I walked in the landscape my mind was assailed with vivid memories. It also seemed as though the high energy in the area, kept the imprint of times past.

Glastonbury on its own is filled with wondrous tales and magic and it is a wonderful melting pot of all religions and traditions.

I spent hours and hours in the grounds of the old Abbey, lying on my back gazing at the incredible energy radiating from the Tor and Tower. In the town posters was up everywhere about a public performance that night forming part of the Goddess Conference. At this stage my knowledge of the goddess traditions was limited to myths and archetypes. I went to the musical performance and sat next to a very wise and experienced local dowser. He told me about the Michael and Mary leylines and this conversation made my hair stand on end.

wisdom is brilliant, she never fades, by those who love her, she is readily seen, by those who seek her, she is readily found, She anticipates those who desire her by making herself known first, meditating on her is understanding in its perfect form, and anyone keeping awake for her will soon be free from care'.

Holy Grail of Avalon. The Archangel Michael, defender and protector of the Great Mother and Mary, Chalice of the World. An altar celebrating the Michael and Mary leylines, Avalon the mystical Isle, today known as Glastonbury, and the sacred waters of the Earth.

In this shrine you can see the powerful and swirling red energies of the Archangel Michael as ruler of the Michael leyline and the powerful Tor in the mystical isle of Avalon. Next to him is Mary, the Holy Grail of Avalon, the sacred heart with graces flowing from her hands and the gentle and blue energies of the feminine Mary leyline.

In the centre above both of them, is the Chalice of Chalice Well, the sacred well in Glastonbury where the red and white springs flow. The Chalice is set in the centre of the Vesica Pisces, the ancient symbol for the Divine Feminine.

The earth lines that run through the Earth are known as the Michael and Mary lines and they run through the length of Britain and Europe. I travelled along these lines from the top of Italy, across the water and through England. The masculine line of Michael is dotted with churches and the female line of Mary flows all along the rivers and are dotted with wells sacred to the Mother. In Glastonbury itself stands the famous Tor with the tower of Michael on its very top. Down below are the Chalice Gardens and the white and red springs.

It is said that Avalon is a metaphor for the heart. Glastonbury is a powerful place with powerful sacred sites. At the Abbey is the well of Mary and it is said that she is buried there. Mary travalled with her uncle Joseph of Arimathea to Glastonbury where the first hermitage was established. He planted his rod, made from the hawthorn tree, on Wearyall Hill and the branch grew into a beautiful hawthorn tree. This tree used to flower every year during Christmas and a branch was sent to the Queen of England. However, vandals cut the tree down a year ago, but there is still one standing in the grounds of Glastonbury Abbey.

This shrine has great healing power and symbolises the hieros gamos, the marriage of opposites, that we as human beings have to enter into on a daily basis. Be it the marriage between mind and heart, or body and spirit, or masculine and feminine or divine and profane, we undertake this great task for the highest good of all. With Archangel Michael as Keeper of the Chalice and Mary as the Holy Grail of the Heart, you can be assured of success.



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