Friday, November 6, 2015

Vintage Our Lady of the Sacred Heart wearable sacred altar and shrine

Vintage Our Lady of the Sacred Heart necklace. 
Vintage holy card, vintage glass beads and really old medals, 
all put together and soldered and distressed to maintain the look of an aged piece. 
Vintage image under glass soldered with silver. 
A piece of the Hail Mary on the back of the image 
and dangling below are a selection of very old medals collected in France, 
mainly during my visit to Lourdes. 
The necklace are extra long and contains 
swarovski crystals and rose shaped beads.
and really old vintage glass beads 
all put together with an unusual rosary centrepiece. 

All my articles come beautifully packaged in rose oil infused petals and paper, 
ready to gift to someone special. 

My pieces are crafted as a spiritual practise and it is sacred art. 
Each soldered holy card an altar to be worn on your body.

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