Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mystical Rose

Sacred Altar

This gorgeous vintage St Térèse of Lisieux
rosary box set with small garnets reminded me
of my recent out-of-this-world encounter
and inspired me to make this one-of-a-kind
sacred altar necklace.

I used a double garnet rosary and combined it with unusual
vintage rose carved bakelite beads, as well as gentle rose coloured
glass beads and gorgeous rose carved glass beads
and luscious fresh water pearls, both gold and oyster.

Sacred Altar

I added a beautiful old holy medal, a French Notre Dame
sacred heart and at the back, a tiny swallow and a very old red mercury holy medal!

Sacred Altar

Sacred Altar

Inbetween is a gorgeous red intaglio of St Terese set on a gold

At the end of the piece that hangs down the back,
is a beautiful St Anne and Mary mercury red
bubble holy medal - very old.
You can shorten it into a choker length or wear it longer.
The rosary case can open and you keep something
valuable inside.


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