Friday, June 2, 2017

The Sea Journey

The Sea Journey tarot card rosary

The Sea Journey is the VI of Distaff in the Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck (listed elsewhere in my shop). This is a unique handcrafted rosary necklace with the image of Mary under a glass bubble in a bohemian style - lightweight frame and a lightweight rosary - with a vintage holy medal dangling at the bottom.

The Sea Journey card is Mary on a barge in the tradition of Isis, crossing the river Styx or metaphorically the waters of consciousness.  This tarot card is a major initiation taking you deeper into life and the Sacred Mother's mysteries. 

'Mary is the bridge between heaven and earth, between the human and the divine worlds, between human and divine justice.' - Andrew Harvey

This card depicts the tradition of carrying an image of Mary in a boat on a sea or river journey in a sacred procession and celebration.  This ritual reminds one of the processions of Sante Sara la Kali as seen in the card V Vessels in the Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck.  An image of Mary is sanctified with prayers, incense, candles and flowers and placed on a boat.  It is a Sea Journey to new shores, both within and without.

These rosary pieces are created in the practise of the making of sacred altars and they contain the healing energies of both the image, the meaning of these cards and the spiritual energy that they were created with.  Here is one of many testimonials : 'I received our Lady of Lourdes, mystical healer stunning wearable shrine today. The moment Hettienne shipped it, I saw a white light with a white flame in its centre. Throughout the shrine's travel I would keep visions of it. I can firmly attest that this is more than a necklace, but carries divine consciousness which is transferred powerfully through the artist's love and devotion. The package arrived fully intact, filled with frankincense and myrrh and tiny shells and pebbles, the precious necklace safely wrapped. Thank you! Arathi Ma.'

The Mysteries of Mary tarot deck took four years to complete.  Each card is a print of a handmade three dimensional shrine depicting the Mysteries of the tradition of Isis-Maryam-Mary.  It fits together the myth and metaphor as contained in Egyptian, Jewish, Greek, Christianity and the various Gnostic teachings (amongst others) of the feminine and masculine Christ and the inner Sacred Marriage.  The deck is at once an artistic and mystical vision of the sacred mysteries of the Soul and its unsung feminine path.  Each card is an individual shrine dedicated to an archetype, an initiation, a Mystery in the Great Mystery and a vignette of one of the stories woven into the tapestry of Mary.  You can read more about my tarot deck and book at

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