Sunday, September 11, 2011


Patterns - Creative challenge by Inspiration Avenue!

What can I say that this picture is not already saying?

Patterns everywhere - patterns in the paper lace

Patterns in the sheet music

Patterns created by the mix of shapes of paper

A challenge with infinite possibilities.  It teaches the eye that there need be no restriction on the number of patterns that you can mix, or the type of patterns.

Thank you Inspiration Avenue for this great challenge!


  1. This is such a pretty & inspirational collage with a wonderful array of textures, uplifting words and a beautiful mix of colours. Great for this week's IA theme.

    Kat :-) Xx

  2. Wow! You have opened MY eyes to all the patterns that are in this lovely collage. And you are right about the infinite possibilities once I saw a few of them for myself. Great challenge entry.

  3. Simply gorgeous work! You have done a fabulous job directly us through your collage.

  4. Beautiful - full of pattern and texture and subtle colour! I love the doilies, I like using them in my work sometimes too :)

  5. And another beautiful piece of artwork! I just love your many layers, so much soul.

  6. She's so pretty with delicious layers of detail.


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