Thursday, October 27, 2011

Shrine to the Golden Child Within

This graceful little shrine is the Shrine of the Divine Inner Child!   Your True Self beyond all masks and personas.  That part of yourself that is true to his/her feelings, express joy and sadness alike, without feeling shame, creative, spontaneous and free from the critical self!

I placed a resin, hand painted statue of the Holy Infant Jesus in the shrine.  Behind the Holy Child is lacy vintage prayer card, on layers of paper lace;  the sacred heart vintage card is embossed with gold german glass glitter and the entire box on the inside is lined with lace with glitter and velvet.

The frame of the small shadowbox has been crackled and embossed to match the lace pattern of the Holy Child's robes.

The crown is covered in gold german glass glitter!  Inside is a miniature copy of the statue holding a beautiful royal red Holy Infant Jesus chaplet.  The chaplet can be taken out and used in prayer. The Divine Infant revealed this chaplet shining with a supernatural light to His devotee and promised the granting of special graces, beyond all purity of heart and innocence, to all who carried the chaplet on their person.

The inner child is the golden, magical child of Self.  It is the perfect child of the Divine that lives within you : innocent and pure.   The intellect or ego, re-creates the inner child through its own perceptions and belief systems.  These perceptions are based on your karmic past, your genetics, your astrological map, your pre-birth experiences, your childhood experiences and various other factors.  These are all stored in your subconscious.

Therefore, traumatic childhood events serve as a healing opportunity to restore your true self, created in the image of God. This does not mean that those who perpetrated painful and cruel behaviour onto you, are not responsible for their actions.  It does mean, however, that there is gold to be found in the darkness of pain and wounding. 

The journey of wholeness entails entering the dragon’s lair, getting to know its darkness and fears; making friends with the dark feelings and pain. Eventually you will be able to seduce the dragon into becoming tame enough for you to kill it and to retrieve your treasure : your golden magical child.

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  1. I can see the thought and love that went into creating this shadowbox. Also, read your post at the other blog, thank you for sharing both of these. Awesome.


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