Friday, October 21, 2011

What Inspires You?

Over at Inspiration Avenue we are running our fabulous 500 followers blogparty.  The theme of the party is On the Wings of Inspiration and the question is 'what inspires you?'.  Well, that is easy.  Mention 'wings' and I am inspired - from angel wings, to majestic archangel wings, to the etheric energy wings around your aura, to the wings of birds flying freely in the sky, butterfly wings and my poems winging their way to heaven!

But I did not want to create another one of my many winged creations.  I wanted to challenge my own inner voice a little bit more.  And after some contemplation, this was my conclusion :  the symbology and the metaphysical meaning of The Star inspires me.

And this is She :

She is inspiration, hope, belief, trust and faith in all things amazing and beautiful. She is acceptance, integration and embodiment (as opposed to transcendence).

She is the radiant light against the dark night sky.  She is the clarity amidst the chaos of life.

The Star holds the message that beyond the duality of  joy and sorrow;  beyond loss and gain;  beyond the duality of struggle and peace and beyond the duality of masculine and feminine principles; there Is one reality of Love.  Some call that reality God or other Holy Names.  And everything flows from that True Love, abundantly without judgement, without regard, no conditions demanded.  And all Life flows from Love and it manifests as both the sadness and the joy, the golden light of peace and clarity amidst the chaos.

And no-one knows and understand this better than us, the artists.  Those who create with word, and clay.  Those who struggle to speak that deep understanding which live in their hearts.

And in this world of form, Love exists beyond form and in form and when we can see the Love in form regardless of its appearance, then we know The Star.

And each one of you, who speak from the Silence; each one who opens her heart and reveals herself, you are the Star and my inspiration!


  1. Beautiful - both your art and your words. This post itself has been inspiring to me this morning.


  2. What an incredible read - this is a post to treasure. You are a true inspiration my friend!

  3. your post is an inspiration in itself. I enjoy my visits so much and enjoy your writing as much as I enjoy your beautiful work xx

  4. You inspire me with your words and your art. You make the very best assemblages and collages. I love the inspiration behind the star. Very nicely done.

  5. So very lovely in words and meaning, beautiful piece!

  6. Your work and words always leave me with my mouth open in awe--to bring to art beautifully what your heart feels. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Wow - what amazing, uplifting words and art! Thank you for sharing them and lifting my day :) x

  8. I love all of the Master's work behind your saint. I love all of the meaning, the hope and the positiveness radiating from this piece. And there is Our Lady, calmly presiding...Beautiful! ♥♥♥

  9. thank you all for your inspiring comments! joy shared is joy doubled!


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