Friday, October 14, 2011

What is your Story?

What is my story?  Often and regularly  I hear  myself asking 'what is your story?'.  A deep restlessness creeps into my bones.  Nothing in my life then seems right - my cupboards seem to be in a mess and need tidying, the garden needs raking, but I have wisened up.  This is my divine discontent announcing the arrival of my Muse!  I have decided to call it the winter of my discontent, although winter is leaving us rapidly here in the Southern Hemisphere and it really has nothing to do with the seasons.  But it happens like this :

One day it was still wet and cold, and the next spring had sprung!  I cleaned beds, worked in compost and planted many beauties.

I grabbed my easel, put it amongst the flowers and started to paint up a storm.  It is as though a current of creativity and joy runs through me and I have no other focus for those few days.  In fact, to be honest, I become possessed and consumed!!

My family does not get interesting meals;  I cannot bother to leave the house and all shopping is done on-line; the poor dog is wishing for a walk, but all I can think about is dancing with the paintbrushes on that canvas.  No sooner had I finished a pansy, than my eye falls on the nasturtiums.

And then another beauty and another.  The bright yellow finch sitting in my lemon tree amongst the yellow lemons!  The sugarbird drinking from the red nectar in the glass bottle!  The giant jasmine that flowers for such a short time!!

and another ......

After painting non-stop for a week, I move into all my unfinished shadow boxes.  I add to my personal gallery

And then She spits me out.  The intense wave of having to paint everything in sight, leaves and I breath a sigh of contentment.  For a while I enjoy the vast expanse of having my mind to myself.  And then I hear myself asking again 'what is your story?'  and I know the divine discontent has returned!!! and my Muse is getting ready to turn my life upside down again!  Oh what joy!

What is your story?


  1. Ah, the ride ofthe muse, what fun. Beautiful painting.
    Thank you.
    Always, Queenie

  2. Great things happen when you let yourself ride with the muse!

  3. Thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment! It seems you all know the knock on the door of the heart! stay blessed!

  4. I am going to adopt your term divine discontent if you don't mind....I loved the nasturtiums piece so much. I find the arrival of spring - and it has sprung big time here in my part of Aust this week - a time when my muse visits more often... for me the smell of my jasmine blooming has filled me with ideas all week...I love my muse and how she is turning my life inside out so often lately and glad to hear she does the same for you. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog earlier xx

  5. Ah the Muse, she is indeed the Wild Woman who takes you in her power - but look at what she pulls out of you. Magnifique!

  6. The Wild Woman! indeed! and how I love being her slave :). I absolutely adore jasmine and have so many different varieties in my garden. The best is to either sit under or virtually stand in the jasmine shrub and paint! bliss!

  7. Thanks for sharing! This post has brightened up my day!

  8. There's no help when the muse hits you. :) Awesome paintings!


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