Sunday, January 8, 2012


This week Shel of Pics by Shel challenged us at Inspiration Avenue Team to create something with Damask.

 Damask is a very particular type of weaving used by the Damasks (those who lived in the city of Damascus) in the Byzantine times and before.

These damask papers that I used are flocked with velvet

and who better to accompany this outrageous beauty, than Marie Antoinette?

I created another Marie Antoinette paper doll with her outrageous hairstyle

and set her amongst two contrasting borders of damask

and here I embossed a single replica of a damask pattern with gold powder!

Just a few words about Marie Antoinette : Marie Antoinette was Queen of France and Archduchess of Austria. She is often quoted for saying 'give them bread to eat'.  These were indeed her words, but they are quoted completely out of context.  She did not say these words about the starving population of France under her husband's rule.  In fact, she said these words three years before she knew and was married to the King of France.


  1. Beautiful use of the damask papers!

  2. This is a stunning piece Hetienne. Bravo!

  3. You always have such lovely entries. Way to go!

  4. Wow, you have really out done yourself. Beautiful detail work and lovely with all the demask framing! Thanks for sharing the info on Marie Antoinette as well! word for 2012!

  5. It's amazing how so many elements come together so beautifully!


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