Monday, January 30, 2012

Rocking Horses at IA

This week at Inspiration Avenue we kicked off with our new venture of having one of our followers co-host the challenge!  Elizabeth of Bluebeard and Elizabeth chose 'Rocking Horses'.

I love rocking horses - it conjures images of victorian nurseries and forlorn children staring out attic windows.   I found some miniature rocking horses on Etsy a while ago and I did not create a victorian nursery!

This little shrine really just took shape all by itself and I called it an Ode to the child within all grown-ups.

Like the Queen of Hearts in Wonderland, who demanded 'Off with her head!', this piece started with the head of a frozen charlotte doll.  When I held that tiny little head in my hand, so many feelings came to the surface.  Everything just flowed from there, as it does in the creative process.  No time to think!

Then followed the ceramic arms and hands of a doll that I brought back from France;  a small plastic doll clothes' hanger and a tiny rocking horse.  

Inside each of us is a child. 

How we honor ourselves by honoring that child will bring us much healing, wholeness, happiness and joy.

The frame of the shrine I created with plaster and white impasto.  The inside is lined with vintage tea-dyed ribbons and lace.  Both inside the frame and on the frame are mounted two Mary's Blessing Seeds

Read here more about Mary's Blessing Seeds.

The full post about this shrine is at

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  1. I love this! I think it would be a very healing thing to create something like this with bits of memories. gorgeous!

  2. Dear Robyn, thank you for visiting! That is an excellent idea and one that I have been working with for a few years now. Have a look at my post on my old book and the story of the White Dove. I am now altering the book into a shadow box and it is a wonderful therapy to put memories and feelings into perspective and to channel them into creativity rather than turning them inward. Blessings to you

  3. Your post was so inspirational, as was the shrine you created for this week's challenge. I was completely impressed and studied this shrine long and hard, really appreciating every detail of this lovely piece. Thank you so much for playing this week.

  4. Beuatiful shrine to the inner child, love it.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

    1. This is such a lovely idea, a tribute to the inner child! You always put lots of different elements together so beautifully.

  5. Two words:
    Touching and beautiful.

    I love it.


  6. I am a very big fan of keeping childhood in your heart, because there is nothing as special as the joy and untainted happiness you feel from the little things when you are a kid-- which is especially true with toys. Your shrine is beautiful, and I agree with your wonderful quote, completely: "Inside each of us is a child. How we honor ourselves by honoring that child will bring us much healing, wholeness, happiness and joy."


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