Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wishing you a creative 2012 filled with peace and joy!

Rebecca has offered the most gorgeous tutorial at on how to make cinnamon prayer beads

and as though that was not magical enough, she has now followed it up with a tutorial on how to make garlands of dried orange slices :

To kick off a creative new year, meander over to Peggy's spot at for a wonderfully whimsical and fun calender give away

and over at Inspiration Avenue Team, you are being challenged to be creative with Damask!  Have a look at 

Such absolute abundance of magical creativity and splendour!!

Wishing you a creative year filled with peace, happiness and joy and may the sun shine on you always!


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  1. i am so honored to be among all this wondrous sharing and inspiration, thank you dear friend!


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