Saturday, February 18, 2012


At Inspiration Avenue I set the challenge of DIVA.  Inspired by all the entries and others' interpretations of what the word means, I did some more research and I found this very descriptive explanation on-line :

A diva is a female opera singer, but now the term also refers to a popular female performer of non-operatic works. The term was originally used to describe a woman of rare, outstanding talent. The term derives from an ancient Italian word meaning "goddess", which, in turn derives from the feminine form of a Latin word divus, meaning "divine one".

Time Magazine observed in its October 21, 2002 issue: "By definition, a diva is was originally used for great female opera singers, almost always sopranos. Often today "diva" is used to describe any extremely independent and wildly talented woman. Naturally the term still applies to the classical arts.

As with the earlier "prima donna", which was also derived from opera (lit. "first lady"), the term has slipped from its trade origins and come to be used in any theatrical or performance setting. In particular, because of marketing efforts, the word "diva" has come to be applied most often to popular female performers, including opera divas, pop divas, dance divas and ballet divas. In order to qualify as a diva there must be one, or both, of two dominant traits present: a broad and expansive voice and/or a thoroughly captivating and commanding presence. -

And this is my 'divine one'.

She is only my second doll and as you can see I am not skilled at this craft at all, BUT each one that takes shape under my fingers, are absolutely divine to me!!  I used ribbon instead of wire for her arms and legs and look at these adorable little fingerless gloves I made for her :  pure diva, wouldn't you say?

I made the dress from a piece of white cotton sari that I bought in India and I tea dyed it to get that lovely creamy colour.  The little hat is a vintage doll's hat from a composite storybook doll!

I also would like to invite you to join in with my weekly SoulSongs.  Click on the image below and you will find your way there :



  1. She is very much the Diva. I really like your doll and I think she's quite well made. I had NO idea the Diva must also be an accomplished singer, or great vocalist. That's one thing I love about these challenges. You learn something new each week! Thanks again for this challenge.

  2. She is precious. I am impressed with all the detail you were able to use.


  3. I think she is a perfect diva! All the details are wonderful--those gloves are adorable! Keep making your dolls!

  4. She is divine! I am amazed at detail...
    it seems that you are a natural doll-maker.
    The cracked pretty!

  5. She's gorgeous Hettienne! Love the tea stain and the crackle glaze, and beautiful attention to detail as always :)


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