Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Your Story Told with Love

Stories, stories, magical tales
of wonder, love, toil and trouble.
No, not fairytales, our lives,
no less!

We each have a story to tell;
a tale to share.
And so do our loved ones.

Stories of dreams and hopes

Stories of passion

Stories of love found

Have your own story turned into a piece of art.

A shadow box that tells the details about your life.

Or the story of someone dear to you.  Maybe a favourite place they visited.

With little details particular to them

with a doll from that era, or that region

or a hand made one of a kind doll

choose the frame or the house

from a humble cigar box

to a customised shadow box 

Each shadowbox comes with a scroll
telling your story with love ......

For more details, please visit

with love,

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