Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Harlequins - IA Challenge

This week over at Inspiration Avenue Stephanie challenged us to create something along the theme of Harlequins, a great love of hers.  She has created the most beautiful and poignant harlequin paintings, have a look at Dragonfly Design Studios.

And so I thought that this whimsical and glittery affair of mine will qualify!! A Victorian burlesque circus with a carnivalesque flair!!

A Victorian circus in a shadow box with my own take on the Ringmistress!  She is a vintage doll from my vast collection of miniature dolls!  She can climb out of the box and bat her eyelids at those who applaud her performance!

 A wooden shadow box filled with 3D images edged and decorated with glitter, sequins, glass beads, bows and crowns! A ballet-shoe clad acrobat swings from a pair of gold spectacles suspended on a chain of hearts;

A vintage cake-topper ballerina surrounded by vintage circus tags, posters and tickets.

a sultry Burlesque dancer in the background; 

'believe' with a tiny gem dangling down, in the background; and do you see the clown/harlequin's image behind microscope glass slides in the background:

And to complete the harlequin theme, the checkered circus floor

Victorian Burlesque Circus
No 62

Dimensions : 25 x 25 x 5.5 cm


  1. A wonderful creation Hettienne love all the lovely elements in this...very elegant!!!

  2. What a fantastic creation! Bravo to you for such beautiful work.

  3. there is so much thought and care in every one of your creations! You are a blessing indeed.

  4. Although my post won't be ready until Friday, I just HAD to stop by and see your lovely and inspiring shadowbox. You are the QUEEN of embellishments and do-dads. Simply beautiful and so very appropriate.

  5. There's so much pizazz and action, just as a circus should be- a beautiful and exciting piece, my friend.

  6. your shadow boxes are just so beautiful with all their intricate detailing and layers of meaning xx

  7. I LOVE your shadow boxes, they are always so beautiful and unique- and I Love the story behind each of the pieces you fill them with- each shadow box is always so very different and like I already said, so very beautiful!

  8. You go beyond any expectations!
    Always something new to discover...reminds me of one of those I Spy books my kids used to love.

  9. So lovely Hettienne! Lots to look at and every element is special. Your shadow boxes are like little self-contained worlds...

  10. Another lovely, rich assemblage! So much candy for the eyes! And you have the best collection of dolls :)


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