Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Story of the Craftswoman and Seamstress

This is my entry for The Story of the Craftswoman and Seamstress;  a challenge at Inspiration Avenue Team. It is my week for hosting the challenge and I just love incorporating all feminine crafts, and especially sewing, embroidery, and creative needlework, into my pieces.  Just a wee note for all the manly crafters out there, feminine crafts do not refer to the gender of the crafter, but to the nature of the craft.  In Jungian terms, the feminine is seen as the nurturing, birthing, creating, feeding, nourishing and embracing.

I made another shadow box of course!  I also love to paint in oils and acrylics and mixed media, but my first love are the shadow boxes.  To me they seem like miniature worlds captured in a frame!

This is the shop of a victorian dressmaker.  She is a paperdoll, put together with pieces and parts of paperdoll clothes, a stamped paperdoll head, plenty of lace and porcelain arms.

The shoes are too adorable.  They are a pair of black Barbie doll shoes that I attached two violet roses onto. And a matching handbag! with a navy blue and white madonna on it.

She is standing in her milliner's shop, this craftswoman and seamstress

surrounded by the tools of her trade :  needles adorned with pearls and crystal beads;  a vintage pair of scissors, a mannequin, a dressmaker's mannequin, a mannequin head, a piece of vintage cloth measuring tape, an old key and more. Oh what a graceful time it was! although it must have been very uncomfortable to sew whilst wearing all those layers of lace and crinoline!

The dressmaker's mannequin in the background I decorated with ribbon roses.

She has a mannequin head in her display window with the latest Victorian hat!  I made the tiny little hat from the plastic end of a tassel and I added lace, tiny roses and a very immodest feather!

The lace curtains of the shop is decorated with many gold roses. The shop is wallpapered with victorian paper, lace, ribbons, vintage newspaper ads, a victorian die cut basket of roses.

Please step in and be measured for that special gown!  Pop over to Inspiration Avenue and see all the other loveliness that has been created and join us in the fun!


  1. Such rich warm colors in this piece. It looks like so much fun to put all these wonderful items together and you have a special talent for assembling them in the most pleasing way! I love it!

  2. This is beautiful, I love all the attention to detail. Thank you for celebrating the feminine crafts, acts of creation, and forms of art.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  3. Your creations are beyond words. That you love creating shadow boxes is evident in every one you make--so full of details!

  4. This is amazing. I love the Victorian theme and the details along with the color scheme- it's gorgeous. I hope someone with an affinity to textiles or sewing snaps this one up. That hat is sweet.

  5. You put such detail in your art. This shadowbox is beyond gorgeous. It tells a story of a beautiful woman who was (and is) an expert in her craft. I love the mannequin head. This is such a great example of what you wanted from us this week. Thanks so much for this inspiring piece.

  6. The detail and care and thought that have gone into this are just amazing... I love the depth of meaning in the imagery and the way you manage to pull it all together week after week xx

  7. This is stunning Hettienne! I love the stories behind each of your pieces and the thought that goes into all the different elements. Those little scissors are so fabulous!

  8. I just love creating these shadow boxes - I have so many stories lined up that needs telling - not enough hours in the day!! Thank you all for visiting and for your wonderful comments

  9. Oh Hettienne...you work is so intricate and thoughtful. You bring a sacredness to every piece. So much to look at...and honor. It's a beautiful assemblage♥♥♥

  10. I LOVE the mini worlds you create with your shadow boxes- to me, they're a little like an adult version of dollhouse- so imaginative!
    And this one is definitely one of my favorites! The palette you used is so rich and all the details are incredible! And then, of course, there is the story! I hope you attach your stories to the back of your creations, because they are every bit as wonderful as the art!

  11. Indeed, the story is an intrinsic part of the piece and each piece arrives with the story either attached to the back of the piece, or as a scroll with the box or shrine! Thank you for receiving these storyboxes with such warmth!


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