Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mary's Blessing Seeds

During my travels to sacred places, I learnt the habit of always taking small items along to leave as prayers.  In some places in India, at the Buddha Bodhi tree for instance, it is the tradition to tie a ribbon to the tree.  You then really tie your prayers to the tree deemed sacred as Buddha reputedly sat there for 14 years.

One of my pilgrimage goals was to cover the entire Michael and Mary leylines.  These are invisible energy lines that traverse the earth.  The Michael lines are the masculine energy lines and the Mary lines obviously the feminine energy lines.  At times they run parallel and often they cross.  They flow underneath the sea and cross over the great oceans.  These energy lines have been well documented and they also run through Table Mountain in Cape Town, where I live AND the Mary line runs through my garden and house!  An interesting fact about these leylines is that the Mary line is dotted with sacred wells.

Chalice Well, Glastonbury, UK

  Long ago these wells were sacred to the goddess and later many of them were incorporated into church properties. 
St Michael's Mount, England

 And the Michael line is dotted with churches dedicated to Archangel Michael and specifically the Tower of Michael on the Tor at Glastonbury and the church in the cave at Mont St Angelo (See my other blog for more details on this

St Michaels at the Mump

At these wells it is the tradition to tie ribbons or sacred mementoes or even pictures of loved ones, into the shrubs surrounding the wells and also to scatter some sweet smelling herbs into the well and around the well.

All of this inspired me to create Mary's Blessing Seeds.  Each one is individually made from clay which will dissolve back into the earth when exposed to water and the weather.  

Our spiritual Mother, Mary, asks all of us to pray to Her regardless of our religion or culture. She has said to many visionaries that all people are her children – her spiritual children. Our bodies are temporary, but our spirits live forever, that is why Mother Mary is our true Divine Mother, the Mother of our Souls. Her love for all of us is truly that of a mother who would want nothing more than to help her children.

I created these blessing seeds from ceramic clay that will deteriorate and dissolve back into Mother Earth when buried. Each of these seeds are imprinted with the divine image of Divine Mary and thus contains Her sacred energy.

I used silicone putty and created molds from holy medals.  I then used white clay and created these beautiful seeds.

You can say a prayer whilst holding the seed in your hand, and then make a hole in the ground with your finger and plant these seeds wherever you want healing to take place. This way you can call on Mother Mary as you walk on her earth; you can place these at sacred places; in your garden or at places of sadness and trauma.

I package them with a handful of lavender seeds that I brought back from Lourdes in France!

Ave Maria!


  1. Hettienne! What a wonderful, wonderful, magical idea! I LOVE the whole idea of the Mary seeds...
    I just recently read about the Mary and Micheal once again I feel slightly transformed by your blog, and blessed to be connected to you ♥♥♥

  2. I agree, what a great idea.
    So loving and healing.


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