Monday, November 21, 2011

Neo-Byzantine Iconography - Archangel Michael

I Am Michael, Micha-el, Mikkal.  The -el stands for Elohim or son of God.  Prince of Light, the Great Protector, the almighty Michael who commands the Legions of Light.

A shrine to Saint Archangel Michael with a print of my Archangel Michael painting in a golden frame, filled with faux pearls

A unique hand made sculpture of Mother Mary in the bottom right.  Her miniature rosary is defined by a string of the smallest pearls

A triumphant resin statue of Michael on the other side with the smallest Mary chaplet around his neck.  The chaplet is made of Indian Silver and the image is set in sterling silver.

A frame covered in gold paint swirls and miniature rhinestone, curlicews and mehndi patterns

Michael (who is as God) in Biblical and post-Biblical lore, Michael ranks as the greatest of all angels, whether in Jewish, Christian or Islamic writings, secular or religious.  He is chief of the order of virtues, chief of archangels, prince of the presence, angel of repentance, righteousness, mercy and sanctification.  His mystery name is Sabbathiel.  In Islamic writings he is called Mika'il.  Michael is seen as the forerunner of the Shekinah.  In ancient Persian lore, Michael was called Beshter, one who provides sustenance for mankind.

He is depicted most often with unsheathed sword, the warrior of God and slayer of the Dragon.  In Legends of the Madonna, Michael is shown as the angel who announces to Mary her approaching death.

The Rose of Peace

If Michael, leader of God's host
When Heaven and Hell are met,
Looked down on you from Heaven's door-post
He would his deeds forget.

Brooding no more upon God's wars
In his divine homestead,
He would go weave out of the stars
A chaplet for your head.

And all folk seeing him bow down,
And white stars tell your praise,
Would come at last to God's great town,
Led on by gentle ways;

And God would bid His warfare cease,
Saying all things were well;
And softly make a rosy peace,
A peace of Heaven with Hell.


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  1. A beautiful tribute to Saint Michael the arch angel. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie


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