Sunday, February 26, 2012

Untie the Strong Woman

Think of her not in the ways you've been told/sold.
Rather, seek her with your own eyes without blinkers
and your own heart without shutters.
Look low instead of high.
Look right under your nose.
She comes in many guises and disguises.
Hidden, right out in the open.
And you will know her immediately by her immaculate
and undivided heart for humanity.

She is one who is present in every way.  In so understanding
one's own pull to the Holy Woman, thus do we untie the Strong Woman.

Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Untie the Strong Woman

The above extract from Dr Estes' wonderful, powerful, inspirational new book inspired my entry for Inspiration Avenue's team challenge of Textures.

I have used a mixture of acrylics, water colour, masking, charcoal and gold dust for this rendition of Untie the Strong Woman.

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  1. I think you've really captured the strength and beauty of your inspiration here. Great combination of media, using gold dust sounds very exciting!

  2. Beautiful excerpt from this intriguing book, and you've captured the strong woman so well with paint. I love her hair and heart! She looks strong indeed!

  3. Very striking and strong! Very interesting mix of mediums and lovely colorscheme, too. <3

  4. Great words to live by. A lovely piece with strong words to match.

  5. Amazing color and texture with an inspiring message!

  6. Love your inspiring strong woman...she exist in us all, especially here at

  7. Love this and how it ties in with your other posts today.From one strong woman to another.


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