Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day Ten of Twelve Days of Mary

Eternal Mother of mine
I belong to you
as you move in me,
I move in you.

Divine Mother, mother of mine
You hold me in your arms
Loved for evermore
You fill me with my eternal self
Carried in your embrace

A flower for your hair,
Today I paint your feet

The Light of your Grace
Shines in me,
A treasured truth
In my heart’s embrace

A Jewel am I
In the crown on your head 

Forgotten are the dark dreams
Of childhoods past
Now I am yours
Now I belong
For ever more

Divine mother, mother of mine

'remember my heart'


  1. So beautiful...thank you. xoxo

  2. thank you for your out pouring of perfect grace.
    you have blessed me deeply....

  3. Majectical photos and wonderful words ~ Music and all ~ very powerful!~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) Happy AVAD ^_^

  4. Beautiful prayer to Our Lady. Thanks for sharing that and the images.


  5. This post gave me chills. I love your words, your shrine and THE MUSIC!!! Beautiful.

  6. Beautiful. Simply Beautiful, Hettienne.

  7. I love your niche, very very beautiful, as are the words to go with it.

    Thank you for sharing,

  8. Deep and meaningful words to ponder!

    Beautiful visuals.

    Sue x

  9. That Mary's love and light may give us peace, a sense of belonging and a chance to cast away the painful memories of the past that may have been following us is a beautiful thought. That her light is that all encompassing is a prayer in itself and food for the journey.

  10. No words but.....B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!!!!!
    All of it!!!

  11. beautiful prayer and the photos of course are gorgeous .
    I always feel like staying when I visit here .It really is like a shrine , it really is . Thank You for this sacred space and Thanking Mary for sharing You with us ~ amen

  12. Hetienne, thank you for sharing your shrine with us.. it is beautiful.. did not know you have so many statues hope the doll you bought from me worked out well .. but i think i see the crown on one of your marys in the previous post? off to your other convo on guanyin... you have such a wealth of interesting knowledge ... love your blog!

  13. beautiful creation.. i love the iconic Mary overseeing your shrine from above..

  14. Thank you Hettienne.. the process was a therapeutic journey.. I lost a dear friend this year to Ovarian cancer and wanted to give her girls something to remember their mother by as they are young and their memories may fade.. together several moms wrote stories and memories of their mother and 2 of us painted and drew art. Though the gift was for the girls there was also the therapeutic gift of writing our words. 2 journals (2 girls) were purchased and altered to suit each child. The story pages were painted and gilt, bound within the covers, ribbon page markers were added and the projects tied up in ribbon. We took the dad for coffee and gave each book in a box so other forms of memory could be added. He gave these to the girls on Mother's Day. This woman was a very special friend, the embodiment of all that is Mary, may she rest in peace.

    Click the Mary under the last picture in my post today, i have linked to her as archived March - In Honour of Your Mama (2011), Lenorita

  15. dear one,

    in gratitude for our days of mary i have posted my gratitude to you and all today at recuerda mi corazon with a special invitation.


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