Friday, December 9, 2011

my haiku a virgin a day

Over at Rebecca's Recuerda mi Corazon it is Haiku my Heart on Friday as well as A Virgin a Day.

innocence radiant in 
its purity, waiting, prepared
unconditional love

If you would like to join in, visit the following link for clear instructions on soulful Haiku, simplicity in seventeen syllables.

thank you for reading, commenting, sharing and celebrating!


  1. I love the bluish tone to the light covering this beautiful altar shrine. Lovely haiku. Good job.


  2. Lovely! Looks so serene and calming.
    Janie of Sacred Art Images

  3. your words lift me
    lovely in this perfect blue
    unconditional love

  4. What a wonderful haiku! I love it and your image is beautiful! I am so glad you will be joining us. I usually do it but today it was a bit too much for me.

  5. this is thoroughly uplifting! I love the blues- remind me of Greece, the Haiku is stunning!

  6. love the background music... how do you do that? anyway... i think that crown looks like it came from the doll you bought @ moXieantiques... did i remember correctly? love and blessings... to one interesting gal...


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