Monday, December 3, 2012

Day Four in Shrines for A Virgin a Day

The Key to my Heart - Her Grace by Devata

Take Her body
and make it your heart.

Hearts need hands and feet
lips and speech.
The inner blossoms of being
want always to take form.

Until a heart is devoted
to something as real as devotion
it is just a vessel for love
not the body and substance.

At least feel the flesh of Her love.
Then you shall know how to be human.

She has come to you in tears
with imploring hands
with naked desires
and you have shunned
every authentic sensation.
Nothing trustworthy can occur
until you make your heart Her own.

Eric Ashford from She
Shrine by Hettienne of Her Grace by Devata - The Key to my Heart

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for A Virgin a Day,
Twelve Days of Mary



  1. This is a splendid one..........thanks for sharing!


  2. A beautiful shrine, Hettienne - I love the sheet music you've incorporated in it.

  3. Awesome! Every site I visit has a tribute to Mary that seems more beautiful than the last, yet each is fantastic in its own way, always with love shining through.

  4. Your shrine is so beautiful, Hettienne -- Madonna and baby, of course, but I especially like the Dream key.

  5. Your shrines are all beautiful Hettienne...your love shines through♥

  6. Beautiful shrine to 'Our Lady' for Rebecca's Twelve Days of Mary ~ blessings to you, (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

    ps ~ am your newest follower on GFC ~ Our Lady sent me ~

  7. What a beautiful shrine. The love is there.:)

  8. your loving shrine and the reflective words of Eric Ashford are soul stirring!

  9. love how all the parts of your shrine work together to make it filled with love!

  10. Just a stunning shrine. Mary and Baby Jesus are home. Blessings!


  11. such a soft and beautiful shrine - thank you!

  12. Such a beautiful shrine. This one really sings to me.

  13. So glad to finally get around to visiting. Love your shrine and the words accompanying her.

  14. I love this shrine in a frame. Very pretty with the words and music.


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